Thursday, December 13, 2007

3 Holiday Survival Workouts (plus more)

Most people slack big time come the holidays.

I'm not sure what it is besides "lack of time", but maybe some people feel it's OK to kick back and be like the regular Joe who watches TV non stop chomping away on twinkies and ring dings.

I use a little method that helps me get in plenty of workouts, and also keeps the metabolism stoking at a Very, Very high rate.

You'll see these over at The Underground as well.

Check out these 3 workouts, use them and I mean Really use them, start doing them today.

There is no better time than NOW!

Holiday Workout 1:

Perform the following 4 times throughout the day:

1) 50 squats
2) 50 push ups

I suggest upon rising, then lunch, then afternoon, then evening time.

This will give you 200 reps total of squats and push ups in one day. Each "workout" should take you 3 or 4 minutes.

If you're not strong enough to hit 50 reps straight through, pick a lower number. You'll get there soon enough with this program. This program is great for building strength as well.

Holiday Workout 2:

1) V Ups x 20

2) Handstand push up or handstand push up hold x max

If you can't do a handstand push up, kick up into the handstand position against the wall and hold for max time.

Hit the above workout 3 times in one day: Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Holiday Workout 3:

1) Push Ups x 25

Work the 25 reps of push ups as often as possible through your day.
Dropping down for 25 push ups will take 1 minute.

We all have 1 minute several times a day, right?

I would hit these "Holiday Workouts" more than 3 times a week.

We have several "Holiday Survival" articles over at

We know this is a time sensitive time of year, and, I know that even if it wasn't the holidays, you may be time crunched, as I often am.

So you'll find workouts that last 20 minutes or less and help pack on strength, muscle all while burning fat around the clock.

I will leave you with this: "All the strength you need is already Inside of You"

Remember, time waits for no man, and Tony Robbins always said this to the person who procrastinates:"How about NOW would be a good time?"

Yes, it is written in question, but truly it's a statement, an Action statement!

Go get em' !

In Strength,


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Did You Forget??

Don't tell me you forgot about the 12 Days of Fitness.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

How they prepared for battle

Above, the infamous 600 + lb tire!

One of our clients headed off to wrestle at the D 1 level this year.

If you received my last e journal regarding Coach Reeve and my thoughts on D 1 wrestling, you know that the D 1 level is no joke.

Well, with all our hard core training methods, we seriously packed this kid's muscles with dynamite.

When he had to partner carry his wrestling partner up the Football stadium stairs during wrestling practice it was no problem. He had already been there!

When he performed wheel barrow walking up stairs he flew up the stairs, been there, done that.

When the tires were being flipped he smashed through them while the others were screaming, yelling and sturggling through the unknown. Flipping 600 lb tires makes a 350 lb tire feel like child's play!

With the new year coming it looks like people are starting to rethink their current strength regime, or, they are planning on doing things differently for those they train.

I wish other Coaches were trying new things, because the art of strength development seems to have gotten lost amongst machines, plyometrics, incorrect percentages and other unnecessary tools and actions.

The strongest men keep their training very, very simple. They stray from fancy and they know that the main factor one must develop is strength.

Of course, skill in your specific sport is number one, but, imagine what happens to performance when your strength is at a very high level AND so is your sport specific skill.

I've seen what happens, and if you've seen our athletes compete, so have you.

One of our Football players just received the MVP award for his team as he scored countless touchdowns and blasted through oponnents like a run away freight train.

Oh yea, this was AFTER getting his shoulder reconstructed and only getting 2 months of training time with us.

We KNEW that to get him faster and incredibly powerful we had to develop the strength of a Mack Truck.

These are the secrets your competition doesn't want you to have.

Oh well, it's their loss and Your gain.

In strength,

Zach Even - Esh

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tales of Arnold Schwarzenegger

I remember reading about Arnold training at a very primitive gym in Europe.

He was in a place that had less than optimal equipment, and by today's standards, people would cry if they saw this.

For me? I would be in heaven because I KNOW the power of old school basics.

Instead of the traditional incline benches for today's lazy ass, there was a bench like the one above, where you would lay back on the bench, body straight, legs straight.

So, before every set of incline benches, Arnold would have to power clean the weight up, lay back, perform the set up, and then somehow manage to get off the bench with the barbell in the rack position and still get down.

Arnold would end up performing barbell power cleans with 275 + lbs.

But, after a short time he saw the tremendous gains in strength and muscle that were added to his body.

Especially his shoulders, back and traps.

Stop thinking modern and start discovering the old school ways of training.

This is where the BIGGEST gains are made! See for yourself right here:

In strength,

Zach Even - Esh

Feelin' like a Lumberjack

Those days of training in my back yard....

Actually, those are sometimes STILL THE DAYS!

I have my climbing rope there and a 70 lb. Kettlebell.

I have some smaller stones for pinch gripping and light shoulder work if I want some extra endurance work happening.

But, it's those first days in my back yard that are like when you got your first bike.

Do you remember your first bike? No matter how crappy your first bike was, you still had love for it!

I definitely miss my backyard, garage and playground training days.

I LOVE the USC Gymnasium, but, we all have our first love and we tend to learn the most from our first love.

For me, it proves that it always pays to work your ass off on the basics. It's always been that way and it will never change. Not now, not tomorrow, not in a million years.

The basics will always give you the biggest bang for your buck!

Check out one of my favorite back yard workouts from years ago:

Max Rounds in 15 Minutes:

1A) rope climb

1B) double kettlebell clean & press x 5

1C) log carry x 1 lap around yard

1D) sledge hammer swings x 20 (switch top hand at 10 reps)

This workout killed me the first time after only 1 round, but I kept pushing and pushing until I could go for 5 minutes, then 8, then 12 and finally 15 minutes.

The simple method of progressive overload...use it!

Train hard & train heavy!


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