Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Training = Meditation?

If you’ve got a dumbbell or a kettlebell, you’ve got to test yourself by trying to make it one round with this complex. It’s a rough one, but you’ll pat yourself on the back plenty of times if you make it through this complex. I’ve had a few young guys perform this complex for 6 minutes non stop to simulate a wrestling match. It’s pretty freaky to watch them get in their own zone and get into this world of their own.

Do all movements for 6 reps if it’s a one arm movement, 12 reps for a 2 arm movement. Always start with your non dominant side, then your dominant side.

For example I am a right, so I’ll do 6 reps of 1 arm snatches left, then right, then progress to next movement with out placing the bell down.

1) 1 arm snatch
2) 1 arm clean and press
3) 2 hand squat x 12 reps
4) 2 hand lunge (any direction / style: forwards, reverse, walking, lateral) x 6 ea. Leg
5) 1 hand high pull – squat combo
6) 1 arm row
7) Turkish Get Up x 6 each side
8) 2 hand swing
9) 2 hand burpee + dead lift (these work well w/kettlebells)

The athletes who were able to complete this complex, or go through it for more than 3 or 4 minutes were able to do one very important thing, and that is they controlled their breathing.

It seemed almost like a meditation of sorts, and it definitely takes practice. I plan on practicing my breathing on a regular basis, trying to achieve calmness within while still maintaining my intensity. I have found that is having a positive carry over to my grappling as well.

My problem before was applying my relentless attack which came from being a wrestler. This got me into a lot of trouble on the mat (for example, “TAP, TAP!!”) while grappling. So you see, you can take bits & pieces from all forms of training and apply them to your life AND grappling. Stretching, energy system training, complexes, etc. – focus on controlling your breathing, or, transform this training into your own meditation.

I’m about to go and do some stretching right now as a matter of fact. It’s always better to be able to perform as well (if not better) than you look. So do your best to attain a variety of attributes and characteristics to make you a better Grappler!

Until the next time,
Train smart & train hard!

Zach Even – Esh
The Underground Strength Coach


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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Jeff King Photos...No Exucses


We're all human, and sometimes we lose that motivation, even if it's just a little loss, we can always use some motivation.

Then, someone like Jeff King sends over an e mail and it sends a bolt of lighting through my veins.

Read below to see who Jeff King is, and what this Gladiator is all about!

I was born in 1973 with mild cerebral palsy. Compared to others affected by wheelchair confinement, I have only slight hip unevenness and a lesser sense of hand-eye coordination.

In high school, I began lifting weights at a local gym. I started out as a typical 98-pound weakling, but after a while I grew confident enough to wrestle and arm wrestle. In college, I discovered an official arm-wrestling tournament at a sports bar and won my first match. I soon joined a competitive circuit, and in 1996 I won the Ontario (Canada) Provincials at 180 pounds. In 1998, I placed third at the Canadian Championships--all this against "normal," able-bodied opponents.

Jeff's Message >> Today, after a few brief comebacks and retirements, I coach arm wrestlers out of my home, and they've encouraged me to return to full-time competition. The most notable and recent win of my 11-year career was in the 198-pound left-hand class at the biggest pro tournament in Canada on March 27. (I can only arm wrestle left-handed because of my cerebral palsy.)

At the time of this writing, I am undefeated in 2004. I'm also finishing up my personal-trainer certification and will be testing for my black belt in the art of aikido after nine years of study.

Yes, times are tough, but, if you're half as tough as Jeff King, you'll kick those "times" in the ass!

BIG Thanks to Jeff King for the motivation and inpsiration!

I don't know about you, bit I'm heading out for some training at the park!

In strength,
Zach Even - Esh
The Underground Strength Coach