Saturday, May 26, 2007

19 Ways to Improve Life, Lifting and More...

19 Ways to Improve Life, Lifting and More
1) Train Consistently 4 days a week

2) Train hard for as long as you feel good with high intensity training, as soon as you feel the need to back off, LISTEN to your body and deload / cut back for a 1 - 2 week period.

3) Every 3 months, take 1 week off from strength training entirely

4) Stop training fancy schmancy :)

5) Use heavy weights for low reps

6) Use moderate weights for moderate reps

7) Use light weights for high reps

8) # 5 - 7 ALL work, it's usually lack of intensity, lack of consistency and poor nutrition that cause lack of results

9) Eat as much wholesome food as possible. Stay away from processed foods, go organic as often as possible and eat approx. 5 meals a day (4 - 6 meals)

10) The basics always work - barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight

11) Get a sled and drag ir or sprint with it once a week. You'l notice HUGE improvements in conditioning and leg strength

12) Move your body! Jumping rope, hill sprints, rope climbing, trail running, swimming, surfing, wrestling, etc. - all these different activities keep you mobile, agile and hostile! Do not allow yourself to become a one dimensional person who can only lift heavy, or only do calisthenics, or only _________ (fill in the blank)

13) Drink tons of water.

14) Eat fruit and veggies everyday, and NO, I'm NOT your Mommy!

15) Once a week, loosen up on the food choiced and splurge to your liking. The next day, get back on track.

16) Lots of training methods and principles work, do not subscribe to one and only one. This is a great way to get overuse injuries and burn yourself out

17) Take time every day to give to yourself. Lay down and read a few pages from a good book, get some shut eye, even if it's for 15 minutes or have a glass of wine. In life, it's important to do what makes YOU happy!

18) Do NOT fear the unknown. Learn to love the unknown and go for what you've always wanted in life. Tomorrow is never as good as right NOW!

19) Don't talk sh*t behind other people's back, it only shows your insecurity and lack of respect for self and others. Respect all and walk the walk, don't talk the talk.

Until the next time,

Dedicated to your success,

Coach Zach

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Where's the Dedication?

I have a problem, well, I have a few problems some might say, but one problem I have is a lack of tolerance for people who just can't stop making excuses.

I was out tonight at about 10 PM, returning home from the super market. I saw a group of kids running and I mean RUNNING! They were part of the track team for sure.

I remember those days in high school, when my buddy and I would go out running at midnight! There was nothing like it. The air was cleaner with less cars and the night felt like it was ours, it was as if we owned the night as we trained and everyone else was either sleeping or doing something less spectacular than us!

I know that if you're part of this BLOG you're one of the rare who make the commitment and train like a bad ass mofo!

I like that about you :)

Today, all our athletes went to war with the weights....or the sandbags....or the farmer walk bars....or the catch my drift, right?

All the tools work, and hard work always seems to work, even when you're doing stuff the wrong way!

Soon, The Underground Strength Zone will open shop, and man, it's gonna be a BEAST of a facility! The paint is lookin' shaweeeeeeeeeet and people from the gym next door can't wait to see what I'm about to pull off!

Members of USC will be invited to a special members only open house. If you're a member, you'll get the info soon enough through an e mail or on the forum.

In the summer I'll be holding an Underground Seminar and in the Fall I am already planning a BIG weekend seminar with some BEASTS in the strength & conditioning community, I hope you're in :)

Now, back to our training...

I have found that the stuff that works great is what has worked great from way back in the day, it's nothing new :)

All the basics always bring home great results.

Watch what the guys do in the World's Strongest Man Contest, add basic free weight training to the mix and appropriate program design methods and your results come faster than all that fancy stuff you see in the magazines and gyms.

Program design has a boat load of science behind it, but the best place to start with is from within, and by that I mean listening to your body and training accordingly. I'm a big fan of old Soviet training methods but what has worked best for us is trial & error and always communicating.

Through communication we can adjust the training accordingly. Come to a soon to be held USC seminar and you'll learn all about it!

For now, let me finish by opening up the availability for someone to apply for internship at The Underground.

Some important points about being an intern at The Underground:

- This is a Non payed position

- This is not going to be a place where you hang out with me and train all day

- You will train WITH our athletes (hope you're TOUGH!!)

- You will learn communication skills - you can be strong and jacked but if you can't talk to the parents or relate to the kids you won't be much of a help here

- You will help with program design

- If you graduate our internship, You will have the opportunity to become a hired Coach at The Underground and get payed for it :)

Send your resume and reasons for applying to - do NOT send attachments, simply write them in your e mail (but save this for your own computer).

I can not respond to everyone, so please understand ahead of time.

Our facility is located in Edison, NJ.

until the next time,

see you at The Underground!