Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Trump Speaks Out

This Blog takes some slight turns as my own life changes and turns.

But, one thing I always had for the iron was Passion.

Passion makes the "work" easy, so all the sweat and pain that I go through, it's enjoyable, no matter how tough, I always love it. In fact, I hate workouts that offer no challenge.

Being a business man, much of my information, knowledge and practices are often learned through athletics and the iron game, and The Donald knows this all too well.

Even if you don't own a business or run a company, you should check this clip out:

Happy New Year to you my friend, thank you for being part of my blog, and remember, New Year Resolutions suck :)

Resolve to take action NOW, it's always the best time!

In Strength,

Zach Even - Esh

Friday, December 28, 2007

The Grip Master Speaks!

Wow, I just finished a LONG interview with Richard Sorin, the FIRST man to ever close the COC Gripper # 3!
We chatted about his first days of training in his cellar, how he made equipment from wood back then, grip training, olympic and power lifting, his biggest influences in the strength and iron game plus TONS more!
Here's a sneak peak of what's about to be released....there are several parts to this kit, so keep in mind, this is ONLY one little peak :)

I love listening to how men trained from the 1800's and through the 1970's. This was a very prominent time where strength was coveted. Today, the focus is not on being strong anymore, but, I know there are many of us in cellars, basements, garages and small warehouses who love the old school iron game.
Check out this video of Richard Sorin talking grip training....

Enjoy the grip talk, this is some awesome nuggets of Gold coming from the Grip Master himself!

More on the way when our Russian Lion Power Course gets launched. Stay tuned by clicking HERE!

Have the best ever New Years!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

In Strength,

Zach Even - Esh

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Log Training in Tribal Villages?

Watching a past episode of 'Last One Standing' - see my video below - you see the members compete in a log run, a relay race, around and through a village.

It's amazing as you watch the men AND women run with a 100 lb log, or heavier.

One of the members, Brad, is a strongman competitor, so he took his training philosophy of using a heavier implement during training to make the actual race easier. Smart man.

Before the main race, they decide to have a "warm up" race before the main event and they actually use the heavier log.

We've been using logs since day one, we carried them, jogged with them, power cleaned em', squatted em' and tons'll see what I mean in my Ancient Strength Secrets Kit.

The best way to get yourself a log is to either contact a tree cutting company and offer them cash to deliver a log or two to your house, or, you might get lucky and see a tree company cutting trees in your neighborhood.

As you see you shall find!

Happy New Year my friend :)

In strength,

Zach Even - Esh

P.S. - Don't forget to check out the Ancient Strength Secrets Kit w/our log training. You'll feel the warrior within you come alive as you begin this "ancient" style of training.