Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reignite Your Passion!

If there is one tool that I love to use regularly with my combat athletes it is definitely the sled. I can do away with the free weights, kettlebells, etc. – but don’t make me get rid of my sled!

The endless movements and benefits that come through the use of a sled is downright awesome! Martin Rooney used (and still uses) the sled extensively when he was training Ricardo Almeida for the Abu Dhabi World Championships. It helped him win during a 45 minute overtime grappling match!

How many of you can roll for 45 minutes? What about 30 minutes? Ricardo went for overtime of 45 minutes! What a beast!

You can get a FREE copy of ‘The Underground Guide to Sled Training’ when you purchase The Ultimate Underground Training Kit! There are 4 more bonuses which come with this awesome product, one of my favorites is the interview with Coach Ethan Reeve!

Coach Reeve speaks in detail of how he trained to win states in Ohio, how he trained to become a two time D 1 All American and a 4 time SEC Champ! He digs deeper and tells exactly how he trained his wrestler when he was a D 1 Wrestling Coach in Tennessee! These ideas and methods are awesome and you HAVE to hear what he says regardless as to whether or not you’re a combat athlete!

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Have you been to the local hardware store lately?

Go through the rope and chain aisle and see if you can come up with something that will allow you to take your training up another notch!

Here’s a few hints for you:

Sandbags or Cement Bags
Cinder blocks
Thick Rope
Heavy Chains

Now, the answers can be found at – YES, I want you to get your hands on this information, it’s too freakin’ powerful and effective for you to NOT have it!

Here’s an idea though, for those of you still skeptical:

Get 10 feet of the thickest rope they have. Take it to the playground with you and sling it over the monkey bars and try a few all out sets of the following:

pull ups
recline rows
contracted pull ups with leg raises
dumbbell rows (wrap rope around handle and grab rope)
farmer walks with any implement (loop or wrap rope around handle of implement)


At The Ryan Lee Boot Camp I had people coming up to me telling me how Underground training has reignited their passion for training again! Others said they finally became connected and in tune with a training method AND they were having a blast while training!

I’m all about having FUN no matter what I do. One thing we all know though, is that when you are having fun doing something, you are much more likely to perform this activity on a regular basis!

Until the next time,

Keep it real!


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PPS – It’s time for me to go and train now! I’m dying to get some fresh air and train at an empty playground and park! All I need is a picnic table, monkey bars and the stones I will find on the ground. Soon you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The secret to skyrocketing your success

I just finished speaking with top ranked UFC fighter, David “The Crow” Loiseau. We spoke about training of course, but most of all, we spoke heavily on mind set and how to create the winning mind set that separates you from the rest of the pack.

Check out David's site at

Yes, this is the same stuff I speak of in The Ultimate Underground Strength Kit – get your copy here:

Although David lost his last 2 fights, he is a completely different fighter now that he has begun applying his mind set training. These are only a few small methods you must apply to get that extra edge.

It’s always tough to explain because the results that you get are so freakin’ powerful, that my words simply never do justice. I use these methods now for achieving success through my own business and in any other aspect in life I choose.

That’s right, whatever I choose to become successful in is what I become successful in! You can achieve the same, only if you’re willing to walk the walk. You can’t just follow these methods blindly and aimlessly with no real heart and soul put forward. This stuff requires your absolute faith in if it is to work.

I guarantee you will not be unsatisfied with your results. Go to NOW and change your life forever.

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Training Smart vs Training Hard

I’ll never forget my days of competition when I felt outworking my competition was the way to go. Rest days, off days, relaxing – these were the enemy and would do nothing to take me to the top I felt.

I was dead wrong!

Combat sports is brutal on the body and the mind. Your biggest and most critical skill to learn and eventually master is that of listening to your body.

By close buddy and a mentor to me, Jason Ferruggia is about to release a new book on training for combat athletes where I address this heavily. I know that this info can easily and quickly skyrocket your performance in combat.

The basic premise is to simply train according to your personal energy levels, physically and mentally. Don’t argue with the body when it feels run down and beat down. If you try to do what your body does not want to do, you’re likely to be injured.

Injuries are messages your body sends you, basically telling you, “Stop f**ing kicking my a**, I am already exhausted.” If you refuse to listen then your body will force you to listen through injuries.

So learn to train smart and hard, it is this powerful combination which will keep you healthy and speed up your gains in conditioning and overall performance!


My wrestlers have been doing a boat load of sled work. The other day one of them asked me if the workout he finished was tough. I asked him how he felt and he felt it was not too hard, mainly because there was no sled training involved.

The work you do off the mat is different than what you do on the mat. Don’t try to make your performance workouts feel like your grappling workouts.

Your goal off the mat is to improve weak areas, develop greater strength, power and overall conditioning and work capacity.

Just because you didn’t feel like throwing up doesn’t mean it was a useless workout! It’s all about training smart, and that’s what you’ll be guided through at



PS – I have been receiving tons of e mail questions regarding training. I appreciate them all but unfortunately I can not answer them all individually.

PPS – The best way to contact me is through the Underground forum, at

PPPS – A lot of people also ask me if my daughter is throwing kettlebells around yet. First she will use the sled, then the kettlebells! Come on everyone, get it straight! Ha ha – Seriously, I am floored by all the e mails I have gotten asking about my baby girl. Thank you sincerely!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More success awaits you with these tips!

Whether you are a competitive athlete or not, have you used the power of emotions and visualization? I covered these methods in my latest Underground Strength Kit.


These methods work even if you are not a competitive athlete. Let’s say you are trying to achieve a personal record lifting a certain weight in the deadlift, or completing a circuit in less time than ever before.

Maybe you’re trying to add more muscle or burn more fat.

I use these methods of feeling and envisioning from my future to improve the success of my business. I WISH I knew how to apply these methods when I was competing, especially in high school. Thinking “what if” sucks, and that’s the bottom line. I've been there, done that and don't ever plan on going back to those days, EVER AGAIN!

But, I have trained my mind as frequently as my body in the past few years and it has proven to me that the mind can control and attract what it focuses on most.

I’ll never forget when I was 19, I was going through a serious personal slump. This slump took a good 6 months to get out of, but, looking back at that time proved to me this: For 6 months I merely existed, I wasn’t alive at all.

For 6 months, no matter how hard I trained, my results were NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING!

Once I got out of that rut and began to apply the techniques of feeling and visualizing my success I gained 12 lbs in about 2 weeks! My body flourished with results all because of my mind!

If you’re letting your mind get the best of you in the wrong ways, you have the power to change things NOW! In fact, NOW is always a time you can take action. What will change tomorrow or the next time around or in one month?

Nothing will change except you might be buried deeper in your slump!

Check this out. If you’re into technology, this will be straight up your alley. Regardless, it’s all about the mind, which 99 % of the time is the missing link to one’s success:

To your success,


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PPS – How about NOW would be a good time to take action?