Saturday, October 07, 2006

A FREE DVD and a Brutal Workout

I remember when I worked at this old fitness center. It was about ten years ago. This guy walked in and trained for the day. He was the brother of one of the members so we took care of him and let him train for free.

The guy was lean and mean, agile, mobile and hostile.

He came in and worked hard and fast, no talking, no BSing with others. He hammered away with heavy deadlifts off the floor, followed by heavy flat barbell benching. Both movement he worked up to a few heavy sets of around 3 – 5 reps.

His rest periods were short which made the workout even more challenging. At the end of the workout he went on the treadmill and RAN for a solid 15 minutes. I emphasize the word RAN, it was not jogging as this guy was hauling serious a**!

His brother told me he was a Federal Marshall, but before that, he was a Corrections Officer and worked with a special team, I believe it was called the Cert team. I’m sure the law enforcement officers who read our journal can help clarify.

I got to speak to him for a bit and he said if he didn’t train the way he did he would never have the MENTAL edge to perform above and beyond for his job. During his stay at corrections he said he had to be bigger and faster than the inmates.

His elite team had to have an imposing presence to them to be effective in the first place.

I suggest you give this workout a try. Instead of straight sets, alternate sets of benching and deadlifting, resting 30 – 45 seconds between each movement. Then head outside for some hard trail running.

The trail running is great as it incorporates a ton of agility work and jumping, great for developing power and conditioning.

And if you love training outdoors you’re going to love Ancient Training Methods. You’ll need it if you want to have the physical and mental edge that others don’t have! Go to and take action NOW!

Until the next time,

Stay strong!


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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Underground Changes Lives!

I thought it was cool as all heck running into so many members of The Underground and people who got their hands on The Underground Strength Kit at the Ryan Lee Boot Camp!

A police officer from Va. told me how the kit has completely changed his view on training. He and his partner and some fellow officers are taking the info and running full steam ahead with all the workouts found inside!

I was seriously floored, because I never imagined I would hear people telling me how the Underground methods could change their life. He said all he did was bodyweight training before he came across the Underground. Before that he tried free weights but it never felt right to him.

I thought I was the only wacko who loved this training so much! Good to hear that there are other people as crazy as I am? Ha ha

When people asked me about it, I said to them, “Seriously, it’s a small investment of
$ 12.95 a month! Become a member for a month, print out all the articles you want and create your own training manual and then quit if you don’t like it!

Heck, you can easily get over a year worth of workouts and tons of awesome training methods and ideas for just $ 12.95!

Can you really go wrong with such a small investment? Definitely not!

Underground is a mixture of everything though: Free weights, odd objects and bodyweight training. What we do is take the creativity up a few hundred notches!

Can you handle having a training style that is more fun and guaranteed to be big time effective? Or, do you still want to have those boring weight training days?


I’m going to crank out a quick Underground style workout today, as you know, my time is limited, and, I seriously never know when I’ll be able to train. Sometimes I train at 10 pm and sometimes I get a chance to train right after my clients.

My plans are going to be a lot of bodyweight movements: 1 legged squats, various pull ups and push ups, a kettlebell movement and a sandbag movement. I’ll be finished in 20 minutes maximum!

Heck, you can just use all the bodyweight movements for a phenomenal workout! Have you ever seen a gymnast and how powerful they are from all their years of bodyweight movements?

Go to a local playground and create your own workouts and circuits with bodyweight only at the playground.

It’s time for you to get some fresh air and enjoy the freedom of training Underground. The local gym gets old, I know it does. Plus, a stronger, more powerful, better looking body comes from ground based movements and true functional training, not movements where you always sit down or lay down!

Save those exercises for the sissies!

We’re not sissies!

See you at The Underground!


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Monday, October 02, 2006

Bruce Lee and outdoor training

Wow, I just returned from the Ryan Lee Boot Camp and it was jam packed with a star studded line up of awesome presenters and attendees!

I hung out with Bruce Lee, endured his trademark body blow (on more than one occasion) and met many members of The Underground and people who have purchased some of our products!


Speaking of Bruce Lee, have you ever seen ‘Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story’? It’s very inspirational, check it out!


A lot of people were raving about our Ultimate Underground Strength Kit, but hey, who could blame them? It’s loaded with 3 jam packed manuals, 4 audio interviews with greats such as “The Pro Maker” Joe DeFranco, Coach Ethan Reeve, Jim Wendler and Smitty of The Diesel Crew.

You’ll also get the most mind boggling, jam packed, never seen before ‘Underground Sled Training’ DVD. This is 1 hour of the most innovative sled training methods and movements!

Check it out at

It’s available for $ 147 but the bonus materials are worth almost $ 500! Plus, the price is jumping up this Friday so act now and save big!


If you’re living in the colder states, then get in your outdoor training while you can! Today our grapplers spent their training day outdoors, nothing beats the fresh air and the versatility of playground and Mother Nature!

Have you experienced circuit training and complexes with picnic tables and bodyweight movements? If not, you’re missing out on an awesome way to develop work capacity and muscular endurance!


I have received a boat load of e mail inquiries regarding training while I was away for the extended 4 day weekend. With all my work and my baby girl, I am trying to stop working until midnight or 2 in the morning!

I hope you understand this, and if you don’t, oh well!!

The best way to reach me is through my Underground web site on the forum. It’s the only way you can currently make direct contact with me unless you have a customer service issue.

For those of you who understand that family comes first, thank you!


I also want you to check out this 9 minute video clip. I think you’ll dig it big time, it’s not the style of training meant for cry babies. And you know how much I dislike sissies!

Stay tough and see you at The Underground!

- Zach -

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