Monday, October 02, 2006

Bruce Lee and outdoor training

Wow, I just returned from the Ryan Lee Boot Camp and it was jam packed with a star studded line up of awesome presenters and attendees!

I hung out with Bruce Lee, endured his trademark body blow (on more than one occasion) and met many members of The Underground and people who have purchased some of our products!


Speaking of Bruce Lee, have you ever seen ‘Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story’? It’s very inspirational, check it out!


A lot of people were raving about our Ultimate Underground Strength Kit, but hey, who could blame them? It’s loaded with 3 jam packed manuals, 4 audio interviews with greats such as “The Pro Maker” Joe DeFranco, Coach Ethan Reeve, Jim Wendler and Smitty of The Diesel Crew.

You’ll also get the most mind boggling, jam packed, never seen before ‘Underground Sled Training’ DVD. This is 1 hour of the most innovative sled training methods and movements!

Check it out at

It’s available for $ 147 but the bonus materials are worth almost $ 500! Plus, the price is jumping up this Friday so act now and save big!


If you’re living in the colder states, then get in your outdoor training while you can! Today our grapplers spent their training day outdoors, nothing beats the fresh air and the versatility of playground and Mother Nature!

Have you experienced circuit training and complexes with picnic tables and bodyweight movements? If not, you’re missing out on an awesome way to develop work capacity and muscular endurance!


I have received a boat load of e mail inquiries regarding training while I was away for the extended 4 day weekend. With all my work and my baby girl, I am trying to stop working until midnight or 2 in the morning!

I hope you understand this, and if you don’t, oh well!!

The best way to reach me is through my Underground web site on the forum. It’s the only way you can currently make direct contact with me unless you have a customer service issue.

For those of you who understand that family comes first, thank you!


I also want you to check out this 9 minute video clip. I think you’ll dig it big time, it’s not the style of training meant for cry babies. And you know how much I dislike sissies!

Stay tough and see you at The Underground!

- Zach -

p.s. – Get your copy of The Ultimate Underground Kit right NOW, right HERE! This Friday, the price goes up!

p.p.s. – Already have the Underground Kit? Then get The Bruce Lee movie right HERE, right NOW!

p.p.p.s. – Need to talk training with me? Need to chat with me and other Underground athletes with like minded goals on an ego free forum? Go HERE NOW.


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