Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I am Giving You the Power...for FREE!

You have the power, if you choose to do so...


A few years back when I began the Combat Grappler E Journal a skinny kid signed up and started soaking up all the info I sent out. He was a high school wrestler and he wanted to get that mental and physical edge.

He payed close attention, discovered how to make ends meet with what he could find around the house.He used cinder blocks, playgrounds and sandbags. He used a saucer snow sleigh and converted it into a sled.

He invested in 'Ancient Training Methods' and started incorporating the powerful methods found in the DVD as well as the info I reveal in my audio interrogation.



The crazy thing is this athlete just started training at The Underground 2 weeks ago! It's unreal how he's soaking up all the training like a sponge, faster than any other client I've had before.

Why? Because he used the information in this e journal as power, and he took action, massive action! Every year he e mailed me about his success and every few months a question or two about training.

He built a kick a** foundation simply by following the information layed out in front of you, yours for the taking, if you so choose.

Like I said before, the power is in your hands, if you choose to take action with the knowledge you are given!


p.s. - This is where it all began ........



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