Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Endless Pull Up Variations

Here's a list of 10 pull ups, plus variations of each of those 10 pull ups!!
enjoy these at the park next time :)
Can you bring a long beach towel?
This will really amplify your training intensity while adding in the critical grip component that all combat athletes need.
Check out all these pull up variations:
1. overhand grip (shoulder width, hands touching)
2. underhand grip (shoulder width, hands touching)
3. mixed grip (one hand forwards, other hand away) - shoulder width and hands touching
4. left / right pull ups - pull up at an angle towards each hand - first left, then right, continue
5. grip switching - mid air, go from underhand to overhand
6. towel only pull ups (go recline with feet on ground if these are too hard)
7. towel in one hand, other hand on monkey bars
8. towel wrapped around monkey bar to convert into thick bar - both hands on towel
9. one hand pull up - other hand on forearm (perform equal reps for each arm)
10. sternum pull up - lean back and pull up so the monkey bar touches your sternum
There you have it, 10 different variations of the pull up.
I want you to hit the playground today or tomorrow and do 1 set of each of the variations above!Don't scare the kids and keep me posted on your Underground Playground workout!
In strength,
-- Zach --
p.s. - If you train athletes or teams, print this out and give it to every athlete. Let the athletes organize some playground workouts of their own and now they'll have some serious work to get done! Only the dedicated will take action!
p.p.s. - You can also print out our FREE Underground Combat Training course for your athletes and friends, found at - athletes need to take initiative, give them some guidance and let them tear it up Underground style!


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