Sunday, April 30, 2006

Do You Have The Discipline?

Rhadi Fergusson told me discipline is about doing what must be done, not what you want to do. Many of us are addicted to working out, so we never want to take time off.

Well, if you are truly disciplined and being smart about your training, you MUST take time off. I did exactly that so I could spend time with my wife, get away from working out and working on the biz. It was good for the mind and the body. The two work hand in hand. I spent time reading, which I love to do. I read as I sat on our deck overlooking the quiet and serene Lake George. This time of year is very quiet up there. Check out these views from our deck....

the pic above was taken around 5: 30 am as the sun was starting to make it's way over the mountains!

Now, although I did "rest" from the crazy training I normally do, I did crank out some bodyweight training in the morning, but, nothing heavy duty in volume, just a little bit.
1 arm push ups and the pistol squat for sets of 3 - 5 reps felt good, and I mixed this in with some stretching which felt really good to do. This brings me to a key point here, and that is the use of bodyweight training.
BW exercises can be very challenging and are great when resources are low. But, only performing BW training is not the way to go when trying to optimize results and physique improvement.
You've gotta use a variety of tools and methods, and this i why you always hear me saying, that the tools I use are just that, tools. They are not the end all be all of my training programs, and not should they be this way for yourself and / or your clientele!
So in your workouts, you can use some of the following throughout the course of one week:
  • sledge hammer
  • sandbag
  • barbell
  • dumbbell
  • kettlebell
  • bodyweight
  • sled
  • logs
  • tires
  • ropes
  • stones

The list certainly goes on, and this is great because who the heck wants to be bored of working out? It does happen! You can get bored of training! This is why you gotta switch it up!!

If you're bored and want a fresh look at training I hope to see you over at The Underground - this is where we get serious with some crazy training that ia tons of fun and brings home the results.
Until the next time,
train smart & train hard!
~Coach Zach~
p.s. - Stay tuned Modern Gladiators....The MMA Experts manual is getting ready to be released!
p.p.s. - Plus, for you Kettlebell Fanatics, Jason C Brown and I put together a disc set of Kettlebell Training for Combat Athletes! It's loaded with some crazy sh*t! I'm sweating and feeling the pain just thinking about some of the insane things we did in that DVD.
p.p.p.s - Check out my latest article at


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