Sunday, March 05, 2006

One Crazy Deal!

I'm not a techy that's for sure. Computers and I often times need to arm wrestle to see who will be in control!

Here's what happened....

  1. I screwed up in my e journal stating an incorrect tournament placing for one of my athletes
  2. I sent a non working link through my follow up e journal

So, I figured I can get it right by using my Blog, and I hope this helps you out! Thanks for understanding and thanks for stopping by!

I just got the preview of my Ultimate Combat Kit, fully ready for my Underground Store.

It looks awesome, it IS awesome, and I hope someone can snag it for a VERY low price!

It starts at $ 4.97, and the bonuses alone are worth $ 113!!

Go HERE NOW to check it out while taking advantage of the dirt cheap price!
Good luck!
Zach Even - Esh
The Underground Strength Coach
p.s. - If you're a combat athlete you are going to love the mixture of all the informaiton you'll find in The Ultimate Combat Kit. The Kettlebell DVD will be unlike anything you've seen before!


Blogger oliver said...

can u ship to Taiwan?


7:17 PM  

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