Thursday, January 26, 2006

Doing It Again on E Bay

I went ahead and did it again, check E Bay and click HERE to see the special deal where you save well over $ 200! Don't forget, this kit is LOADED like crazy and will have you training in a style like no other giving you results faster than anything else out there!

Here's What You'll get:

1) The Gladiator Training Manual - over 250 pages of underground training methods discussed in detail. You also get one year of work outs plus countless in action photos of combat athletes battling through their hard core sessions

2) Ancient Training Methods DVD - A training system like no other, loaded with methods of training that produce devastating results with training tools that are free or cost barely anything at all! This is the style of training used by the ancient gladiators and this is why they were feared by many and respected by even more!

3)Kettlebell Training for Sport DVD - The most thorough video on Kettlebell training taking you through exercises and work outs for the ultimate in gains in power, strength, endurance and mental toughness.

BONUS # 1: 1 Month Free E Mail Consultations ($ 97 value)

BONUS # 2: 1 Month FREE membership to - the hard core web site that has been changing the way grapplers and MMA fighters train around the world! You'll see over 100 no holds barred training articles with result producing work outs that you've never experienced before!

Looking forward to seeing you at The Underground!

Stay strong,

Zach Even - Esh
The Underground Strength Coach

p.s. - Feel free to send this Blog / special deal to a friend or colleague who might be interested.

Once again, here's the Special Deal


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