Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Keep it simple!

Most people say that these "simple" movements are not to be considered training. There is a recurring theme where other coaches bash strongman training. Why do they do this? Well, certainly several reasons!

1) It goes against the grain of their complex ways of thinking - life is complex enough, so we make training simple, yet brutally effective. That pisses people off because they want to hear about the nervous system and the glute medius firing and yadda yadda

2) It's hard f**ing work! This style of training requires gut busting effort. The people who bash underground and strongman training are likely too scared to attack their training with high intensity. Let us not mistake this for stupid training - we train smart, we're just not dogmatic about the method, we're dogmatic about getting results.

3) It gets results FAST!

Keep it simple, hit some heavy farmer walks during your workout. Use heavy kettlebells, heavy dumbbells, a sandbag in each hand or traditional farmer walk bars. Go heavy and take small, short steps. Walk fast!

stay tough friends!


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