Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Walk The Walk

No previous experience, no belt, no wraps, no suit, no shirt.

These boys walk the walk...
Their results from their decision to enter a power lifting meet the night before are below....
Brian explodes with some sandbag work, sending the bag air born!
Chin ups at 230 lbs. bodyweight aren't easy. But who ever said training Underground is easy?!?!?

Barbell Rows and Kettlebell Cleans.
Coop attacks the posterior with double kettlebell cleans done for speed!
Coop tears into some reverse grip bent over barbell rows.

Grip work by Brian, aka Curls

Brian walked away with a third place medal for the 242lb division (weighing in 14 pounds below the limit)! His cumulative was 1125 pounds -- with a 335lb squat, 285lb bench and 505lb dead lift!

Jimmy won a second place medal in the 220lb division! His cumulative was 1090 pounds -- with a 385lb squat, 275lb bench and a 430lb dead lift!
Until the next time....
Walk the walk!
In strength,
Zach Even - Esh
p.s. - Spring time is coming soon and we'll be tearing it up outdoors plenty. See countless articles on outdoor training Underground style at http://undergroundstrengthcoach.com/


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Enjoyed your post.

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