Saturday, April 08, 2006

Loaded Conditioning - Only For The Brave!

The sandbag is such a diverse tool, and as you know I am a big fan of using all shapes and sizes of sandbags!

I'm about to head down to the dungeon and crank out some sandbag complexes, then kettlebell complexes, and I'm going to mix in pull ups and lunges and pistols throughout. I know it's gonna be brutal, but I NEED it! In addition, time is always limited so pushing the pace is great. Secondly, if we're looking at how to construct a program, a priority is always to attack weak points. I need better conditioning and muscular endurance so these workouts are a must for me.

I also like to take a sandbag or a kettlebell to the park to work sprints in with these movements. It's a great way to perform your energy system training!

Here's the workout:

1) warm up as necessary - calisthenics, prehab / rehab
2A) sandbag squat x 5
2B) SB lunge x 10
2C) SB zercher RDL x 5
2D) SB clean and press x 5
2E) SB burpee + snatch x 5
2F) SB thrusters x 10
2G) pull ups x max reps

I'll hit the above complex for 3 rounds

Below, the KB complex, for 3 more rounds. 5 reps per arm, 10 reps for 2 handed movements

A) pistol squat (bodyweight) x 3 left / right
B) pull ups x 10
C) KB snatch
D) KB lunge (any variation)
E) KB clean and press
F) Pull ups x max reps
G) 2 handed swings
H) 2 hand burpee + high pull & catch

OK, time to get down to business. You should do the same!


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Stay strong,
Zach Even - Esh
The Underground Strength Coach


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