Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Training = Meditation?

If you’ve got a dumbbell or a kettlebell, you’ve got to test yourself by trying to make it one round with this complex. It’s a rough one, but you’ll pat yourself on the back plenty of times if you make it through this complex. I’ve had a few young guys perform this complex for 6 minutes non stop to simulate a wrestling match. It’s pretty freaky to watch them get in their own zone and get into this world of their own.

Do all movements for 6 reps if it’s a one arm movement, 12 reps for a 2 arm movement. Always start with your non dominant side, then your dominant side.

For example I am a right, so I’ll do 6 reps of 1 arm snatches left, then right, then progress to next movement with out placing the bell down.

1) 1 arm snatch
2) 1 arm clean and press
3) 2 hand squat x 12 reps
4) 2 hand lunge (any direction / style: forwards, reverse, walking, lateral) x 6 ea. Leg
5) 1 hand high pull – squat combo
6) 1 arm row
7) Turkish Get Up x 6 each side
8) 2 hand swing
9) 2 hand burpee + dead lift (these work well w/kettlebells)

The athletes who were able to complete this complex, or go through it for more than 3 or 4 minutes were able to do one very important thing, and that is they controlled their breathing.

It seemed almost like a meditation of sorts, and it definitely takes practice. I plan on practicing my breathing on a regular basis, trying to achieve calmness within while still maintaining my intensity. I have found that is having a positive carry over to my grappling as well.

My problem before was applying my relentless attack which came from being a wrestler. This got me into a lot of trouble on the mat (for example, “TAP, TAP!!”) while grappling. So you see, you can take bits & pieces from all forms of training and apply them to your life AND grappling. Stretching, energy system training, complexes, etc. – focus on controlling your breathing, or, transform this training into your own meditation.

I’m about to go and do some stretching right now as a matter of fact. It’s always better to be able to perform as well (if not better) than you look. So do your best to attain a variety of attributes and characteristics to make you a better Grappler!

Until the next time,
Train smart & train hard!

Zach Even – Esh
The Underground Strength Coach


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Looks tough I'll try it out first myself before I torture my class with it - Andy


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