Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lead From The Front!

Wow! I've had some tough training sessions this week as I jumped in with most of my groups. Sometimes you just gotta make sure that the young guns don't catch up to you!


Happy Mother's Day to all our Mom's who read the Combat Grappler E Journal! I hope this day was a GREAT one for you because we all know that you deserve nothing but the best!


Plus, with a baby girl on the way soon enough, there is NO excuse to gain weight, get weaker, or become lazy. In fact, it's just the opposite. I will become stronger, train harder in BJJ, and make sure that I can carry our baby girl on my back and protect her anytime.

So, my message to you is NOT to allow excuses to get in your way. Find a way to make it work!

Here are some of the things I did this week with my athletes:
  • 30 yd. sprints with incomplete recoveries
  • HEAVY sled training on the grass
  • Heavy Kettlebell snatches for high sets and low reps to work on power endurance
  • Heavy sledge hammer work
  • Lower body circuits with Kettlebells to build up lactate tolerance

No excuses, using short, fast and effective workouts!


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Until the next time,

train smart & train hard!

~Coach Zach~

p.s. - You have two weapons to arm yourself with. Wether or not your a combat athlete doesn't matter, the information you'll discover is applicable for all athletes. The bottom line is that the manual and the DVD set offer you tons of kick butt information that you would be crazy to pass one, if not both of these up!

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