Saturday, October 07, 2006

A FREE DVD and a Brutal Workout

I remember when I worked at this old fitness center. It was about ten years ago. This guy walked in and trained for the day. He was the brother of one of the members so we took care of him and let him train for free.

The guy was lean and mean, agile, mobile and hostile.

He came in and worked hard and fast, no talking, no BSing with others. He hammered away with heavy deadlifts off the floor, followed by heavy flat barbell benching. Both movement he worked up to a few heavy sets of around 3 – 5 reps.

His rest periods were short which made the workout even more challenging. At the end of the workout he went on the treadmill and RAN for a solid 15 minutes. I emphasize the word RAN, it was not jogging as this guy was hauling serious a**!

His brother told me he was a Federal Marshall, but before that, he was a Corrections Officer and worked with a special team, I believe it was called the Cert team. I’m sure the law enforcement officers who read our journal can help clarify.

I got to speak to him for a bit and he said if he didn’t train the way he did he would never have the MENTAL edge to perform above and beyond for his job. During his stay at corrections he said he had to be bigger and faster than the inmates.

His elite team had to have an imposing presence to them to be effective in the first place.

I suggest you give this workout a try. Instead of straight sets, alternate sets of benching and deadlifting, resting 30 – 45 seconds between each movement. Then head outside for some hard trail running.

The trail running is great as it incorporates a ton of agility work and jumping, great for developing power and conditioning.

And if you love training outdoors you’re going to love Ancient Training Methods. You’ll need it if you want to have the physical and mental edge that others don’t have! Go to and take action NOW!

Until the next time,

Stay strong!


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