Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Underground Changes Lives!

I thought it was cool as all heck running into so many members of The Underground and people who got their hands on The Underground Strength Kit at the Ryan Lee Boot Camp!

A police officer from Va. told me how the kit has completely changed his view on training. He and his partner and some fellow officers are taking the info and running full steam ahead with all the workouts found inside!

I was seriously floored, because I never imagined I would hear people telling me how the Underground methods could change their life. He said all he did was bodyweight training before he came across the Underground. Before that he tried free weights but it never felt right to him.

I thought I was the only wacko who loved this training so much! Good to hear that there are other people as crazy as I am? Ha ha

When people asked me about it, I said to them, “Seriously, it’s a small investment of
$ 12.95 a month! Become a member for a month, print out all the articles you want and create your own training manual and then quit if you don’t like it!

Heck, you can easily get over a year worth of workouts and tons of awesome training methods and ideas for just $ 12.95!

Can you really go wrong with such a small investment? Definitely not!

Underground is a mixture of everything though: Free weights, odd objects and bodyweight training. What we do is take the creativity up a few hundred notches!

Can you handle having a training style that is more fun and guaranteed to be big time effective? Or, do you still want to have those boring weight training days?


I’m going to crank out a quick Underground style workout today, as you know, my time is limited, and, I seriously never know when I’ll be able to train. Sometimes I train at 10 pm and sometimes I get a chance to train right after my clients.

My plans are going to be a lot of bodyweight movements: 1 legged squats, various pull ups and push ups, a kettlebell movement and a sandbag movement. I’ll be finished in 20 minutes maximum!

Heck, you can just use all the bodyweight movements for a phenomenal workout! Have you ever seen a gymnast and how powerful they are from all their years of bodyweight movements?

Go to a local playground and create your own workouts and circuits with bodyweight only at the playground.

It’s time for you to get some fresh air and enjoy the freedom of training Underground. The local gym gets old, I know it does. Plus, a stronger, more powerful, better looking body comes from ground based movements and true functional training, not movements where you always sit down or lay down!

Save those exercises for the sissies!

We’re not sissies!

See you at The Underground!


p.s. – Changing lives? I’m still in shock, but it has changed mine. If you’re about to join the many who are tired of the gym and want freedom and FUN in their training, find us at http://undergroundstrengthkit.com

p.p.s. – The price of The Underground Strength Kit goes up this Friday!

p.p.p.s. – Too scared to invest, try the Underground web site, print out your own manual and you’ll be set for a year (at least, if not more!). Go to http://undergroundstrengthcoach.com


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