Friday, June 08, 2007

New Videos & This is Embarassing

We have two new videos for you and they are BOTH pretty damn cool :)

Check em' out and see what I mean for yourself :)

Look at the intensity of our wrestler tearing up that sled!

The wrestlers were highly motivated to drag HEAVY when I told them the Football crew was dragging 5 plates!

They were so motivated, that our 120 lb wrestler dragged 5 plates!

Now, here's where there is a lack of motivation....

On Sunday, June 17th, I am holding a strongman fundraiser for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

There is a $ 25 entry fee and the three events will be:

repetiton bench press

farmer walk

sled drag

It's gonna be a blast and for a great cause!

I sent info to the surrounding high schools, specifically to their Football Coaches.

I spoke to one of the Coaches of a group IV school. In NJ, group IV is the most heavily populated schools so you would imagine this is where you can get the most participants for any event, sports related or not.

the Coach got back to me telling me NONE of the kids are interested!

As a Coach I would have reemed out these athletes for not wanting to step up and compete against, not wanting to test their own strengths and not wanting to contribute to a great cause.

I would not allow it, plain and simple!

Sorry for the rant, but, this is exactly why only a small percentage make it to the top of their game, whatever their game may be: sports, business, etc.

This reminds me of my old gym's leg training room.

Above the mirror in front of the squat rack was a very old black and white pic of Tom Platz squatting some bar bending weight. I've never seen the photo again, it musta been from his college days!

Next to the pic was a poem that said...

There are those that do
and those that don't
Those that will
and those that won't
These words reminded me to dig deeper while squatting, to get the last rep or two, to ignore the nausea, pain and discomfort....
I have said it before and I'll say it again,
We are the last of the Gladiators
We must keep the spirit alive!
Tomorrow, I head north to Joe DeFranco's facility for their strongman day.
I'm psyched to go up and see some serious intensity and I plan on bringing plenty myself!
Dedicated to your success,
Coach Zach
PS - If you're a local athlete and want to compete on Sunday, June 17th,
e mail me asap at so I can send you registration info.
We're located in Edison, NJ.