Friday, May 04, 2007

The clock is ticking, what are you gonna do about it?

Training as a busy man is not easy, I can really see why guys get into piss poor shape after they get married, have kids and work the normal 60 – 80 hr work weeks.

I said I can SEE why, I didn’t say that I can RELATE!

Excuses are ways for you to OK the fact that you are a quitter.

What happens is somewhere along all this work and exhaustion, these people lose focus and lose the love they have for taking care of their mental and physical being.

Soon enough, they stop living, they simply exist.

Time passes by, opportunities pass by, more excuses are made and life…..passes you by.

There is no better time than NOW to start kicking a** at what you do, what ever is you REALLY want to do!

Do you want to become the best damn YOU that you can possibly become?

If so, then deal with the fact that there will be times in which you will be tired, or exhausted, you will sacrifice, you will push your mental and physical limits and you will have to do what others do not do!

So what do I do, you ask??

I might train at 10 PM at night, heavy squats, heavy barbell rows, heavy military press, or maybe 15 minutes of brutal circuit training. I do this while others would have quit, or watched TV instead.

What do you do once that tired feeling takes over your body?

Does your mind convince you out of the training?

What about turning that dream of yours into a reality?

Do you let others talk you out of it?

Their realistic approach helps keep you as “normal” as they are, after all, if they’re not chasing dreams, why should you?

Maybe you say, “F**k it, I’m gonna dump my savings into this ONE passion I’ve always had and just go for it, or, you can lay in bed at night and wonder, “What if….”

Life is about living, not existing!

Whatever it is you want to do, NOW is the time, not tomorrow, not later, Right F**ing NOW!

Dedicated to your success,

Coach Zach

PS – The Underground is about more than just hard core training, it’s about transforming yourself into a GIANT, giving you the mental edge that most people don’t have so you can succeed at whatever you want in life! Mental AND physical toughness give you the EDGE that take you to the top!

You know what I’m saying, don’t you? This your chance, your opportunity to have 24 - 7 access to my coaching!

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Book That Will Get You to Kick Some Serious....

I gotta tell ya, I LOVE reading books. I used to read only information dealing with the human body, such as training books and such.

But now, I find myself focusing more on the mind and how a powerful mind can help you produce a powerful ________ (fill in the blank).

I would say you could fill in the “blank” with anything you want, yes, I did say ANYTHING!

A powerful body, a powerful business, a powerful life…..

I started this back when I took a 2 week trip to California. I was only 22 years old but my brother’s ex military buddy offered me a stay any time I wanted, so I took him up on his offer.

While in Cali, I picked up a book on mind set and read 2 – 5 pages every night, EVERY night!

It took me a looooong time to finish the book, but those few minutes I spent reading before falling asleep every night helped me finish my day on a very high note with very powerful thoughts.

Falling asleep with powerful thoughts will improve your success in life, just wait and see, you gotta try it and trust me. I’ve been here for you before, remember?

Well, here and there, a book comes along and strikes a nerve deep inside of me and really makes me sit up and pay attention. Instead of reading 2 – 5 pages, I end up reading a chapter, no matter how late it is at night, I just can’t put the book down!

Last Sunday I co presented a seminar and had to wake up at 6: 30 in the morning. I was reading until about 2 AM in the morning, I couldn’t stop!

This book is called The 4 Hour Work Week’, by Tim Ferriss.

Amazon is all sold out, so don’t bother looking there. You can only snag this bad boy at Barnes and Noble.

Right here:

What attracted me to this book at first was I heard Jack Canfield brag about how Tim won an international kick boxing competition after only a few weeks of training. Yes, the same Jack Canfield who has co authored boat loads of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ books!

So I did a search for “Tim Ferriss” and found my way to his blog and immediately I was hooked on everything this guy said.

First of all, he’s a Gladiator. He trains in MMA and although he’s a real genius, he’s also a bad mofo with an amazing story behind everything he does. The stuff I read about his travels in his book will shock you, inspire you and make you laugh like crazy.

But, what’s most important here is that this book gives you immediate information on how to become SUPER productive.

I snagged this book Saturday night and I have gotten a boat load more work done than ever before just from one tip in this book.

Before these bad boys sell out from Barnes and Noble I would take action immediately. Procrastinators, as I have always said, get nowhere!

If you want to improve your productivity in life and read an a** kicking book then don’t wait!

I haven’t read anything this good in a long time!

Dedicated to your success,


PS – No, I am not making one penny from this book. I know you’ll love it and I have been on quite the high since reading it!

PPS – Talk about productivity….wait and see what’s up my sleeve in a few weeks! You’re gonna freak when you hear the news!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mind Over Matter, Or, If You don't mind, it don't matter

"If you don't mind, it don't matter"
Sometimes, people over - anal - ize their situations and never budge. They self sabotage.
Let me ask you a question....
If you only had 9 days to live, and this was fact, what would you do?
Would you regret not doing certain things?
Would you finally take "the jump"?
Eventually, you must get to the point in life where you get sick and tired of thinking 'What if?"
I am taking "the jump" in a few weeks and you might have a chance to be part of it.
I'll keep you posted :)
PS - This place is gona remind you of the movie 'Fight Club' - "Everyone's invited but not everyone gets in".

Lift Strong....or Not at All!

I'd love to hear feedback on people who have already snagged Alwyn Cosgrove's LIFT Strong CD Rom, an 800 + page of ass kicking info from Coaches that unleashed awesome info!

I just ordered 10 copies, and I saw an excerpt from the CD as well. It's a workout for an NFL athlete written by Joe DeFranco.

The workout wakes you up to see that even the pro athletes do not do anything fancy yet they get amazing results with just the basics!

I have been re-analyzing my own workouts and my athlete's workouts and making sure I am not overcomplicationg or overdoing anything with the workouts.

Maybe it's time to do less movements and less variety?

I recall the strongest guys often did very little in the way of variety with their training, instead, they simply chose from a few guaranteed, 'Money' movements and performed 1 or 2 exercises per workout!

Coach Ethan Reeve, as stated in his Underground Strength Kit interview, only did pull ups and power cleans in college yet he became a 2 time all american wrestler at the D 1 level!

Some food for thought!


PS - No need to think about this, Just Do it!!