Thursday, November 01, 2007

I wonder who REALLY used this?

Above, a 150 lb. globe dumbbell. What a BEAUTY!

I have a real yearning for the physical culture days of training, back when training required moving BIG weights, allowed freedom of movements, gymnastics training, olympic lifting, power lifting - all ground based work....

Of course, feats of strength were always amazing, who wouldn't love that stuff?

Lucky for me and those attending, The Natural - Underground Seminar is going to bring those days back!

Now, when I saw that I lost a bid on this 150 lb beauty, I was heart broken. I thought noone on earth would want this 150 lb globe dumbbell as badly as I wanted it!

So, I lost but took immediate action for redemption!

I payed an extra $ 50 than the winning bid AND gave 10 years subscription to The Underground web site (that's a $ 1,270 value!!!)!!!

Hey, when you want something, you go and get it, right?!?!

My goal is to snatch that bad boy before high school wrestling season is over!

Let the games begin!

Go get em'!


Zach Even - Esh

PS - Where do you think that 150 lb "circus weight", as it was described, came from?

I wonder what types of exercises they used and how strong that person REALLY WAS?

makes ya wonder........

Monday, October 29, 2007

New 'Amazing Abs' Article

I have a new article up at 'Amazing Abs'

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It's called 'Abdominal Economics' and you're going to LOVE it, definitely check it out NOW.

Also, don't forget, we have a special sale on our 3 e books, ending November 1st, 7 AM.

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And, still some time to sign up for The Natural - Underground Seminar,

go here to register and go behind the walls where Jon Hinds and I reveal ALL we do, it's going to be like getting a glimpse behind the old school "Iron Curtain" - I kid you not!

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That's all for now,

train hard, train heavy!