Sunday, December 30, 2007

THE Critical Video You Must Watch

Watch carefully, the backyard gym Wanderlei had set up seems more efefctive than the craziness in the Xyience Center. Still, his intensity was super high.

Now, Chuck uses the same Ancient Training Methods Wanderlei used back in Brazil.

I have seen a different UFC All Access where Chuck gets trained by John Hackelman in his backyard, where tire flipping took places, sledge hammer work, wheel barrow runs, hill sprints and more were happening.
Back when I first created Ancient Training Methods the DVD, I sent it to John Hackelman, that's a wild story all in itself, let me tell you :)
This "backyard" training is similar to when Clubber Lang trained in his basement in Rocky III, and then we saw Rocky training out in junk yards using sledge hammers. Is this all for show, or does it work?
Look at the success of our athletes and those around the world who have used Ancient Training Methods, you'll see for yourself soon enough, this stuff works, and it works BIG Time.
Kick ass in 08'!
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Blogger Todd Scott said...

That's bad a** training right there, thanks Z.


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