Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Kettlebell workout to kick your A**!

I've been taking one of my clients through some regular "Loaded Conditioning" workouts using the beastly Kettlebells.

He loved it, and he was also rocked, as is anyone else who tries to step up and go toe to toe with 2 rounds of "Loaded Conditioning".

Once I put the finshing touches on this incredibly powerful Kettlebell training resource I'll give ya a holler.

I was lucky enough to get an interrogation with Kenneth Jay from Denmark, and man did he really wake me up to some bad a** combat preparation methods using Kettlebells and barbells.

I can't argue with KJ's methods because his results are phenomenal and man, he is one strong dude.

Until I get this Kettlebell kit all tidy and ready for you, I want you to sweat it out with this workout:

Perform the workout as a circuit and don't forget to warm up as well as hit one light set before getting into the heated battle below.

You will total 5 rounds with 60 second rest between each round.

1A) double push press x 5
1B) double bent over row x 5
1C) double swings x 5
1D) farmer walk x 50 ft.
1E) overhead walk x 50 ft.
1F) rack walk x 50 ft.

Get your mind ready for this one, the pain will be high and I know you'll be battling all the way through your 5 rounds.

If technique falters, do not stay with heavy weights, feel free to grab some lighter kettlebells.

Stay strong!


Kenneth Jay in Action...


Blogger mario said...

Wow, one of my long term goals is to do a 1 handed chinup. This guy is amazing. He used a bit of kick for the regular chinups though, but still pretty awesome!

6:54 PM  

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