Monday, December 10, 2007

How they prepared for battle

Above, the infamous 600 + lb tire!

One of our clients headed off to wrestle at the D 1 level this year.

If you received my last e journal regarding Coach Reeve and my thoughts on D 1 wrestling, you know that the D 1 level is no joke.

Well, with all our hard core training methods, we seriously packed this kid's muscles with dynamite.

When he had to partner carry his wrestling partner up the Football stadium stairs during wrestling practice it was no problem. He had already been there!

When he performed wheel barrow walking up stairs he flew up the stairs, been there, done that.

When the tires were being flipped he smashed through them while the others were screaming, yelling and sturggling through the unknown. Flipping 600 lb tires makes a 350 lb tire feel like child's play!

With the new year coming it looks like people are starting to rethink their current strength regime, or, they are planning on doing things differently for those they train.

I wish other Coaches were trying new things, because the art of strength development seems to have gotten lost amongst machines, plyometrics, incorrect percentages and other unnecessary tools and actions.

The strongest men keep their training very, very simple. They stray from fancy and they know that the main factor one must develop is strength.

Of course, skill in your specific sport is number one, but, imagine what happens to performance when your strength is at a very high level AND so is your sport specific skill.

I've seen what happens, and if you've seen our athletes compete, so have you.

One of our Football players just received the MVP award for his team as he scored countless touchdowns and blasted through oponnents like a run away freight train.

Oh yea, this was AFTER getting his shoulder reconstructed and only getting 2 months of training time with us.

We KNEW that to get him faster and incredibly powerful we had to develop the strength of a Mack Truck.

These are the secrets your competition doesn't want you to have.

Oh well, it's their loss and Your gain.

In strength,

Zach Even - Esh

P.S. - Follow our ultimate training plan for packing your muscles with dynamite.

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