Sunday, November 25, 2007

What does Zach do when he has Pneumonia?

Since last Monday I have been walking around with Pneumonia. It was kicking my ass all over the place.

I stayed home on Thanksgiving, so I'm not stuffed at all. Instead, I'm on an empty stomach, my appetite to eat just isn't there.

I hope your Thanksgiving went great, that is definitely one of my favorite holidays.

Little did I know that this was Pneumonia, I thought it was dear old friend of winter past, The FLU!

Luck will have no such thing, so, Thursday, unable to get up and move around without pain, I found a way to get to the Medemerge.

I'm feeling better today for the first time in a week, so my wife had my cleaning gutters, hanging Christmas ornaments and laundry. Hey, I'm human just like you!

Now I feel like shit again :)

This did give me a chance to do things I haven't done in ages.

I watched TV, rented a few movies and watched a little Football. I NEVER watch Football, but I wanted to see what 90% of other men in this country do, and that's sit on their ass all day and watch television.

I'm not impressed, sorry.

I was impressed with the Football, not the sitting on my ass all day part, which is why men are weaker, WAY weaker than they should be!

If I could find a way, I would be telling women to purchase a holiday gift for their husband such as Ancient Strength Training.

This way men could stop going to those sissy health clubs and start training like Gladiators. Heck, you can do this stuff in your garage, driveway, backyard or set up shop in a local warehouse with a handful of friends.

I should be getting back into it late next week. I am going to be smart this time and ease into it, as opposed to my past ways which would probably be starting off with a squat or deadlift day.

This time I'll work my way with lots of pull ups, push ups and squats - all bodyweight training, but different variations for each exercise on every set.

And, if you have read my previous post on "chunking", this will be an awesome way to get back into it. I'll be working several sets throughout the day before having a full blown workout.

Now, you must be wondering what movies I rented.

Well, I love inspirational movies and comedy. So I went that route.

We Are Marhall - Wow, this was a powerful movie and it really hit home how a group or team can have a tremendous impact. It also showed how a Coach can impact people for their entire life, as can sports. This was a great one!

Knocked Up - This movie was hilarious. You can watch this with friends, your girlfriend, wife, etc. I was laughing like crazy on this one!

Reign Over Me - This movie was great. It really hits home about living life. This was the movie with Adam Sandler as he was affected by the loss of his family from the 9/11 attacks.

Who ever would of thought I was a movie critic, but, I'm not. It was awesome to actually enjoy a movie for once, it's been ages, and it reminds me, I should take my wife to the movies more often. But, because I never watch TV, I have no clue what's playing, what's good, what's not good.

I'm sure I'll find a way!

What did I learn from being sick?

Well, for one, I better slow down, relax, and sleep a little more.

Also, a little TV in the way of a good movie is a good thing, and going to the movies is even better :)

If you're stuffed and feeling like an over-sized Turkey, it's time to transform that stuffing and dessert into muscle and energy. Head on over and start training like an Ancient Gladiator.

Go on, don't get lazy with the holidays here. Instead, treat yourself to a gift :)

That's how I always see it!


Until the next time,

train hard, train heavy!



Blogger The Gaggle of Griffiths said...

So I have a question. I'm getting closer to purchasing the underground kit but wonder what limitations it would have on younger athletes. My sons are 11, 9 and 6. The 9 year old is most likely to enjoy this stuff but is he too young for this intensity? Most of the research I've done says strength training in the 10-15rep range is ok - can the underground workouts be tailored for younger bones/muscles?

Sorry to use this forum, just didn't know how else to get you.


7:55 AM  
Blogger zevenesh said...


I suggest sticking to bodyweight only training for your kids, no external loading, so for now, hold off on the kit my friend, it's best reserved until high school or so.


ps - you can always send me questions here:

make sure you address to my name :)

7:54 PM  

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