Monday, November 12, 2007

Three Workouts You Must Use ASAP

After not getting in the workouts I wanted over the weekend, I knew I could squeze in some quick workouts today.

My plan was to attack the lower body today,but all these mini workouts became a full body day in it's entirety.

How many mini workouts?

Try 3 workouts in one day!

Hey, what can I say, I love to train, especially if time allows.

I make time...

Workout 1,

9: 25 AM - 9: 40 AM

I had a break in the morning before work began, here's the workout:

push ups x 50 reps

pull ups x 10 reps

1A) flat bench press 4 x 3 - 6 reps, last set was all out

1B) weighted pull ups 4 x 3 - 5 reps

Workout 2, before clients began training,

4: 15 - 4: 30 PM

1A) barbell floor press 5 x 2 - 5 reps

1B) bent over barbell rows 5 x 6 - 8 reps

Are you noticing all my supersets to keep the pace fast whilst getting more work done in much less time?

Workout 3,

After clients,

8: 10 PM - 8: 25 PM

1A) recline rope climbs 3 x max reps

1B) suspended push ups 3 x max reps

2) heavy arm work with dumbbels for4 supersets

3) wrist roller - forearm work 1 set

"Holy shit" you might be saying, that's 3 workouts in one day!

Where do I find the energy when most people can't even get off their a**to move from the couch to the fridge?

I have passion in everything I do, period.


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Plus, you'll also see my "Feats of Strength" tip with one of my favorite strongman moves.

Go ahead and try the workouts lusted above.

Don't forget, heavy leg workis a must, I'm hitting the "wheels" tomorrow!

Train heavy and train hard!


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