Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do Kettlebells Really work that well?

The question arises amongst many "new" tools in this training industry.

Are kettlebells a fad?

"Strongman training is a fad."

Well, these"fads" were around LONG before all of us ever stepped foot into a gym (or on earth:).

The simple truth is, all training tools work, yes, even machines.

It all depends on what you want or need to do.

Below, you'll see me going through a "combat complex" - That is only 1 of many we use here to prepare our combative athletes, and we also modify these for other objectives:

- strength endurance

- muscle building

- power endurance

We use Russian Kettlebells, I personally use them as well.

Same goes for strongman training.

Why do we use these methods / tools?

We use methods that bring about powerful results. Why waste time on things that give poor results, don't you agree?

I'll be discussing and going into specific details about my methods HERE.

I will take you through our exact warm up, through various workouts, post workout methods, discussion of program design (which is where the REAL secret to progress lies), alternative conditioning methods and tons more information that you've never witnessed or experienced before.

I want to arm YOU with the weapons necessary to achieve maximum results. Wouldn't you love that? I KNOW you would!

I can't wait to see what Jon Hinds has in store for us - Jon trained under Rickson Gracie before the UFC was ever on TV, and Rickson was so impressed w/Jon's conditioning he invited him to his home several times to share his training methods.

Jon was described like this, "He has the strength of an Anaconda!"

Enough said.

Stay strong!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So who is going to the seminar next weekend? Anyone staying at the Clarion? Maybe all those attending can meet up Friday night at Christy's at the Clarion..they have great informal meet and greet. Anyone interested?

5:11 PM  

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