Sunday, October 14, 2007

Question for you?

I am going to be putting together an article compilation on the power of the barbell, the King of the weight room.

It will be posted at

If you want to show us your best information while getting recognition for what you do, then you're in.

Oh, and of course, this has to be top quality stuff, don't send in any garbage, we want powerful stuff here.

Here's what you do:

Answer this question:

If you only had a barbell, what would your workout look like and how would you train.

Inlude the following points below:

* No bodyweight exercises, just a barbell, no power rack, no bench, nothing but a barbell and as much weight as you want.*

Send us a word document to

* include action photos *

Give us 3 sample workouts with exact sets / reps

* include your name at the end and any other important info you want everyone to know (web site, blog, business, location, etc.)

Looking forward to seeing some heavy hitting stuff!

The due date is on October 31st.

Get busy!


P.S. - If you don't have any action pics, feel free to just an e mail with your 3 workouts and a bi line about yourself at the end!


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