Tuesday, September 11, 2007

FREE 1 Week Trial at The Underground Strength Gymnasium!

This is your chance to see what The Underground is all about!

If you live in NJ, this is your lucky day!

We're allowing you to test drive CrossFit Underground OR an Underground Athlete Training program for a FULL WEEK!

We will do this for the first 10 responders, otherwise it can get a lil' out of hand :)

We're offering 1 free week / 3 sessions to ALL ATHLETES:

wrestlers, baseball players, track & field athletes, military, law enforcement, martial artists and any other athlete or hard core fitness fanatic who is interested in becoming part of The Underground crew.

All you need to do is call us, or have your parent / guardian contact us at the gym (if under 18 years), 732 287 9990, to schedule the trial session.

This gives people a chance to see what we do and allows us to keep doing what we love, which is training people who want to become SUPER successful!

We're NOT into average and neither should you be!

Here's our information:


The time is now to start getting a BIG EDGE - something nothing and nowhere else can give you.

Here is our recent highlight film:

Looking forward to seeing you at The Underground!

In strength,

Zach Even - Esh

PS - Don't live in NJ but want to help spread the word? Please take a moment and send this or link this post to anyone / anywhere you feel will benefit others!

Thanks in advance!


Blogger Dan Grant said...

that is some cool stuff my man.

Nice work with your new spot,

Dan Grant

8:25 PM  

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