Sunday, September 02, 2007

Our Amazing Bodyweight Only Workout

Try this bad bot on for size, 3 rounds, bodyweight only:

1A) wheel barrow hand walk x 50 ft.
1B) walking lunges x 50 ft.
1C) recline rope climb x max reps (lay on back and hand over hand pull until standing vertical, reverse to go down and go to max effort)
1D) push up variations x 25
1E) pull ups mixed grips x 10
1F) sled or prowler work x 150 ft.

** No sled? Then jump rope for 100 reps

** No partner for hand walking? Use the power wheel and do it solo, it works GREAT!


PS - Those 3 rounds are TOUGH :)

You can rest 1 minute between rounds.


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