Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What if you only had one________?

What if you only had one dumbbell?

That's it, nothing more....

Could you still get in a GREAT workout?

Could you still pack on serious muscle?

Could you still get STRONG?

The answer??


I was chatting yesterday with a guy who trains at the gym next door to The USC Gymnasium.

He is prepping for a strongman contest but he goes away to college soon AND has to do his internship. He was worried, until I told him what could be done with limited equipment, which is exactly how The Underground Movement began.

I told him to find river stones near his dorm, stash them near by and get ready to train with them.

Get an olympic dumbbell with lots of 25 lb. plates and GOOD collars and you'll be able to train using only one dumbbell, I have spoken about this in REAL Man Fitness.

Using only one heavy dumbbell, check out some of these "Money" moves that bring great results in:

- adding muscle

- developing greater strength

The Money Moves:

- one arm snatch
- one arm military press variations
- one arm rows
- 2 hand zercher squat
- one arm floor press
- turkish get up
- one arm farmer walk variations

Those movements alone will add muscle like you never would have imagined possible.

Heavy weights, clean eating, regular HARD training - put it all together and the recipe for success is there.

You can get it done in 15 minutes if you wanted to!

No worries, there's is always an answer!


PS - Short on time? Check this out.

PPS - Limited equipment? Check this out.


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