Thursday, July 26, 2007

Holy Batman! Gotta Read News!

There is so much happening this summer at The USC Gym, I'm worried you're gonna miss them all!

Check out some up and coming CRITICAL news....

My up and coming seminar had some changes applied, I may never do something like this again for soooo cheap...

and there is a CR-AZEE buddy sign up special offer, better sign up before time and / or space becomes maxed out.

If you came to the last seminar, you can still attend this one, we're gonna go full blown underground on this one!


Our open house, don't forgetabout it.

It's this Monday at 6 pm until 8 PM

The USC Gym is located at:

160 Talmadge Rd
Edison, NJ

There will be more than a few surprises that night, that's for sure.


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