Sunday, July 15, 2007

USC Gym Open House!

Open House Announcement!

Beginning at 6 PM On Monday, July 30th, The Underground Strength Coach Gym will hold it's first ever Open House to celebrate their grand opening. Open House will continue until 8 PM and all parents, athletes and friends are welcome to stop by for free refreshments, free surprise give aways and various surprise "feats of strength" special demonstrations.

The Underground Strength Coach Gym is a unique and rare athletic performance facility that you will not find anywhere else in NJ or the world! The USC Gym bears resemblance to the "old school" Physical Culture Gyms from the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Walk into the USC Gym on any given day and you will find athletes flipping 600 lb. tractor tires, dragging sleds across the parking lot that weigh 500 lbs, performing gymnastic movements on specially designed apparatuses tailor made for improving athletic performance and you might even find athletes lifting sandbags and stones!

The USC Gym focuses on improving the athletic development of athletes and also offers 'REAL World Fitness' Boot Camps for serious adults, which focuses on creating fitness from the inside out, where other programs only focus on the physical aspect and have a lower success rate with their clients because of this one sided emphasis.

Even – Esh states β€œTo become more than what you are you have to stop being who you are. We focus on creating fitness from within because when you begin to feel good about who you are the outside takes care of itself.”

The owner of The USC Gym, Zach Even -- Esh, has been training athletes for over five years, most of which was at playgrounds, fields and empty parking lots. Even -- Esh would load up his truck with homemade sandbags, Russian Kettlebells, sleds and medicine balls and meet up with his athletes for these specially designed athletic programs.

The results his athlete's were walking away with were staggering and word spread fast not just through NJ, but around the world. Soon, Even -- Esh had athletes traveling from all over NJ to train with him using his "Underground" methods. Coaches and athletes from around the world began e mailing Even -- Esh for tips to enhance athletic performance.

Even - Esh created a membership site,, to meet the demands of the endless inquiries, especially from Coaches outside of the states who were hungry to learn more.

Still, people wanted to be able to travel to the states to train under Even - Esh and learn hands on techniques to bring back to their home to improve the performance of their athletes.

When Even -- Esh was asked why he didn't just use a traditional gym and train his athletes like everyone else, he answered "The majority of traditional equipment and traditional methods are poor at best for improving the physical and mental capabilities of athletes. Most of these traditional methods actually make the athlete weaker, slower and more susceptible to injury."

Now that Even -- Esh has his own Gym he wants to spread the word to the local community so others can reap the rewards of "Underground training".

The Underground Strength Coach Gym is located at 160 Talmadge Rd, Edison, NJ 08817, next to Apollon Gym.

The Open House Festivities will begin at 6 PM on Monday, July 30 and will continue until 8 PM.
Hope to see you there, who knows, maybe you'll flip a few tires before you leave :)
Dedicated to your success,
Coach Zach Even - Esh


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