Friday, June 29, 2007

Video - A Day at the USC Gym!

Here are some clips from our first 2 weeks at the USC Gym.

You'll see our Football guys prepping as they head off to play college ball, performing olympic back squats.

You'll see our intern, Nelson, on his very first day getting busy as part of his interview process.

This kid is GREAT and loved to train. The athletes love his energy and he loves to learn, a perfect fit for USC!

You'll also see our wrestlers flipping tires for the first time ever, AFTER a full blown workout.

Who joined them? That's 41 year old Brock, a beast of a man, who owns his own business AND competes in BJJ and MMA!

We had just finished a hard core full body workout, and then Chris Orzechowski asks about flipping tires.

So I said, OK, this is your first time fellas, some of you only weigh 140 lbs, so let's get 1 or 2 tire flips in.

Well, so much for 1 or 2 flips....

What started as a little test run became an extra 15 minutes of tire flipping and prowler pushing! Shirts were torn off, sweat was flying in the 97 degree heat with high humidity!

These guys were sweating so much they had to get chalk on their hands because the tire was slipping off their palms!

Life is GREAT when you're doing what you love, wouldn't you agree??!!

Just another day at the "office" for me :)

Dedicated to your success,

Coach Zach

PS - Notice the wrestlers literally wrestling against the tire. Some of these guys weigh only 140 lbs but notice the eye of the tiger, noone ever gave up. As some of them move on wrestle at the collegiate level, they will be missed!

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Blogger Scott Tousignant said...

Wicked Video bro!

That's the 'Unstoppable' attitude I love to see my man!

So I shouldn't wear a suit to any of your interviews eh? ;)

Keep Kickin a$$$$ dude.

Scott Tousignant
Unstoppable Fat Loss

6:37 AM  
Blogger Zach Even - Esh said...


no suits bro, get ready to sweat!


1:51 PM  

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