Monday, June 11, 2007

Three Things You MUST Start Doing Today!

There are a few things I have found to always bring a great return in strength, work capacity and building muscle.

So many people nowadays are WEAK.

Yep, plain and simple, they are weak.

It's hard not to rant on this topic, but man does it eat me up.

Here is what athletes and non athletes should be doing on a regular basis to get stronger, faster, more muscular and get into bad ass shape!

1) Sled dragging - you quickly see how out of shape you are once you are required to move a heavy object / weighted sled.

I have seen 300 lb football players get an ass whoopin' after one set of sled drags. Not good!

When you're not good at something, practice it and get better at it.

Yes, I just told you to drag that sled more than once a week for crying out loud!

2) High rep calisthenics -Can't do 50 push ups? Then do them every day, without fail.

If you can only do 10 at a time, then do 10 reps several times a day!

3) High rep squats, weighted and non them.

These work great and should not be overlooked. Build up to 100 reps at a time with bodyweight and up to 50 reps with an added weight using a light barbell, weight vest or a belt squat.

4) Pull ups - these are the master blaster of all upper body movements.

can't do them?

perform recline body rows to build yourself up to doing regular pull ups by working on these every day

Yep...I did say every day!

So, looks easy right?

Well, it's NOT easy, but it is simple!

This is how we start off and this is how we start getting our guys strong and in top shape.

It takes time, no two ways about it.

It takes massive effort, no two ways about it.

It takes consistency, no two ways about that either!

This is why we only accept clients who are willing to commit to 3 months of training minimum. We know that a training program can not transform you into superman after 1 month, although most people expect that!

It takes TIME, so consistency and effort are king!

They get homework - lots of calisthenics.

The athletes from the old eastern bloc countries developed very high work capacity through endless variations of calisthenics, many of which are outlined in the


Today, our wrestlers went throughtheir first workouts at The underground Strength Zone

We had a wrestler who weighs 110 lbs dragging a sled on cement with 4 plates

Another weighs 120 lbs and was dragging 5 plates!

Another weighs 140 lbs and dragged 6 plates!

Another weighs 190 lbs and dragged 7 plates!

Oh yea, all of the above beasts either qualified or placed top 7 in the NJ state wrestling tournament!

------To get into our training program at The Underground you need to apply.

If you live in the central NJ area you can e mail
with "training application" in subject header and then explain why you want to train here.

I am very selective because I will tell you up front, I have no tolerance for laziness.

I want athletes prepared to become BEASTS!

I want parents who are supportive of their child yet not overbearing or interfering with what I do.

Until the next time,

stay tough!

Coach Zach

PS - You don't live in NJ but want to experience The Underground?
Go to and get a REAL taste of what we do!


Blogger Darren said...

Look at that,you said three things and then you gave us four.Just like Zach to go the extra mile.

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