Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lift Strong....or Not at All!

I'd love to hear feedback on people who have already snagged Alwyn Cosgrove's LIFT Strong CD Rom, an 800 + page of ass kicking info from Coaches that unleashed awesome info!

I just ordered 10 copies, and I saw an excerpt from the CD as well. It's a workout for an NFL athlete written by Joe DeFranco.

The workout wakes you up to see that even the pro athletes do not do anything fancy yet they get amazing results with just the basics!

I have been re-analyzing my own workouts and my athlete's workouts and making sure I am not overcomplicationg or overdoing anything with the workouts.

Maybe it's time to do less movements and less variety?

I recall the strongest guys often did very little in the way of variety with their training, instead, they simply chose from a few guaranteed, 'Money' movements and performed 1 or 2 exercises per workout!

Coach Ethan Reeve, as stated in his Underground Strength Kit interview, only did pull ups and power cleans in college yet he became a 2 time all american wrestler at the D 1 level!

Some food for thought!


PS - No need to think about this, Just Do it!!


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