Sunday, April 08, 2007

Do you live in or near NJ? You will want to...

It's coming soon and I haven't given a seminar for a year now!

I'm ready to explode with the information I have.

I don't want to keep it to my self, it's about "Paying it forward".

You know I'll hold nothing back, and we're going to be at a state of the art facility where we'll be able to use any training tool / methods and we will discuss, learn and get hands on experience.

Why do my athletes transform themselves from average to all state from one season to the next?

Come and find out!

How do I use Underground methods that 99% of other people call 'Taboo", yet these methods will improve your results by at least double?

Come and find out!

How do I make simple changes to basic movement to immediately increase strength, power and speed?

Come and find out!

You will leave the seminar with powerful information that can be used immediately on yourself, your athletes or your clients.

This is going to be by far and away the most aggressive, ass kicking seminar we've ever given.

See you on April 29th at Notre Dame High!

Dedicated to your success,


PS - We have limited seating to make sure you get A LOT of individual attention. We don't want a packed room where we can't make individual contact and address your personal need. We want to give you whatever you need, that's our number one goal!

See you there!


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