Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Secret to Strength and Power Revealed!

I was at a seminar today held at Joe DeFranco's gym. Jim Wendler, Joe D and Dave Tate were the presenters of this no holds barred, Q & A seminar.

The funny thing is that the conversations many of us had and exchanged was about which program, which training tool, which _____ (fill in the blank) works best.

Jim Wendler, as always, brought me back to the roots of it all, train heavy, train hard, eat tons of quality food and overload.

The answer is there yet the desire to complicate might be greater than the desire to believe that the answer is so simple.

Notice I said the answer is simple, doing the work, is NOT simple. Most people want short cuts, this is why we have fast food joints everywhere. Nobody wants to wait for anything.

Yes, my athletes and myself use a variety of training tools, but the movements are all basic, and they work hard on all of them.

Squats, push, pull, lunge, rotate - basics, basics, basics.

Sorry, nothing fancy, and sorry for not revealing anything ground breaking.

I've gotten stronger and bigger in a tight as hell garage with a barbell, a pair of 50 and 100 lb. dumbbells and nothing else.

If you need fancy and complicated to get bigger, stronger, faster and tougher, then you've over - anal - ized what is truly necessary.

Handle the truth.....

Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even - Esh


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