Monday, March 05, 2007

Training Seminar with Randy Couture

I'll be detailing my experience with Randy Couture's Seminar at The Underground Soon.

I'm still walking on the clouds w/excitement from the entire weekend. Randy's training program obviously works as he was in excellent condition fighting Tim Sylvia, a man who outweighed him by over 60 lbs.

In addittion, Randy's smart training plan helped him dominate every round.

His boxing skills, his ability to be slick w/ground n' pound, his takedowns, tripping from the clinch, his speed and all shined through!

A man of 43 years young proved what proper mental and physical training can do, and I'm not talking about just for fighters.

If you're trying to get stronger, faster, improve your athleticism, and improve your entire physique, inside and out.....then age is just a number,


Stay tough!


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