Friday, March 02, 2007

Sleepless in Ohio....

Well, not really, I'm not sleepless.

I took a nap when I arrived in Columbus yesterday :)

Been a while since that happened, ha ha!

Plus, I'm wondering how all the wrestlers are doing in Atlantic City as they all qualified for the state tournament!

Later in the evening I met up with Fairfax Hackley, the man who has organized and attracted the UFC happening in conjunction with the Arnold Sports Festival. His unwavering belief allowed this all to come to fruition! Hack is a man with amazing energy and drive! How did we meet?

In short, I'd have to say thanks to the Law of Attraction!

Athletes can learn from this mind set, the mind set of believing with no doubts and always chipping away at the stone until you create your masterpiece!

Who else did I eat dinner with?

Steve Cotter, an amazing athlete and King Fu champion who resides in San Diego but might be coming to an area near you with his seminars. In fact, my first ever Kettlebell seminar was with Steve! It was awesome!

I haven't been to a bodybuilding event in YEARS! I forgot how many people, and, what kind of people come to these events! The Arnold is probably the biggest gathering of physical culture athletes in the world! My bodybuilding days are over (or, are they?) but I did pass by a lot of guys I have known through my years of involvement: Gerard Dente (former Diamond Gym member), Richie Gaspari (also an Edison, NJ native), Frank Sepe, Jimmy Pellechia (freakishy strong guy) and I also saw a few pro bodybuilders who I recognized by face but not name!

Soon, I'll be heading over to the expo hall, meeting Randy Couture and hopping in a cab with him. Steve and I will be assisting him in the presentation of Martial Arts conditioning methods, but more specifically, the methods Randy personally uses to always be in top shape!

I'll try to write more tonight and keep everyone posted!

Stay tuned!



PS - Woooops! With my hectic schedule I forgot to raise the price an end the sale of The Ultimate Underground Strength Kit in E Book! I'll do you this favor, I'll raise it when I get back home to NJ.


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