Monday, February 26, 2007

Diesel Crew, Cosgrove and The Underground together?

Yep, that's what happened during Monday night's conference call!

Alwyn Cosgrove and Smitty the Diesel Man let loose on a power packed 75 minute teleseminar!

There was no muting of anyone, it was pure conversation, no holds barred, allowing Q & A to fly freely. Nothing was held back!

The topics truly ran the gammet....

  • Training young athletes
  • Underground training
  • Sandbag training
  • Core training
  • Bodyweight training
  • Benching
  • Plyometrics
  • Repetition Tempo
  • Training Football players
  • The problem with cookie cutter programs for athletes
  • Periodization
  • Fat loss for athletes
  • Outdoor training
  • Decelleration training
  • Training on a budget
  • Getting results

The list still goes on and on!

Smitty and Alwyn are downright great guys who love to contribute.

You'll hear about Alwyn's HUGE project that will be out soon, and it really is HUGE!

I didn't promote this teleseminar, it just hit me over the weekend to opting in, no buying anything, just info to share.

It's called "Pay it forward"

Still, I had whiners and complainers e mail me telling me they wanted to know who the surprise guest would be popping on to the teleseminar. They want to know who it is NOW, they don't want surprises.
Funny, that no matter what you do, there are always complainers and unhappy whiners. My suggestion is to stay away from negative people like that.
For success to be a regular theme for you, understand that negative people are out there, they will try to bring you down, they will put you down, they will try to stifle and sabotage your success.
Instead, focus on what you want, focus on the outcome you want, never allow others to interfere with your goals and dreams.
In addittion, for success to become greater, learn to be grateful for what you have, it is called having an "attitude of gratitude".
As combat athletes, or hard core strength fanatics, we tend to be tough on ourselves, but, if you want to skyrocket your gains in ALL areas of your life, learn to focus on the good and be grateful as often as you can!
And so, the teleseminar turned out to be another awesome call. Smitty was giving his tried and true methods for training WEAK athletes, Alwyn unleashed endless methods that will help you either skyrocket your own performance, of the performance of others.
If you're a member of The Underground you'll get this replay and even if you're not a member you'll also get this replay. Members can SAVE the file, that's where members get the extra bonus :)
Until the next time,
stay focused!
PS - On March 1 st, 7 AM, the Underground Strength E Book Sale will end. You don't want to miss out on this bad boy. It's my Bible for transforming all athletes into freakishly stronger, faster and more powerful athletes than ever before!


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