Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back in the day, his story got me thinkin'

Back in the day some of us might say there were a boat load of tougher guys roaming around.

Well, My wrestling coach always explained it that way, maybe he was right.

he was pretty pissed at us for losing a dual meet that we were supposed to win.

Pretty pissed is putting it lightly

The next day we did 2 1/2 hours ofcalisthenics followed by an hourof live wrestling.

Most of the practice was stories that he yelled at us, but one guy in particular stood out, well, one story shall I say,I never met the guy.

His name was 'Heimi'

Our Coach would always would start the story saying, 'You wanna know what f**ing tough is....
then he would finish the story like this....

'Now that's f**ing tough!!'

The guy Heimi, his story went like this....

'You wanna know what f***ing tough is?

Heimi was fucking tough, 1974 I used to see Heimi
jogging down Rt. 27 with his backpack on, it was filled with f**ing 10 lb. plates!

His ankles always had ankle weights on

He sprinted up the stairs if he had a class upstairs to strengthen his legs.

He pounded his head against the wallbefore every match.

He NEVER rested during live wrestling.

I once saw Heimi carrying a f**ing stone down Rt. 27 as he jogged with iton his way to school!

Now that's f**ing tough!

Heimi went on to become a f**ing paratropper in the Army'

All the other stories kinda went in and out as we were busting our humps wondering when this practice would end.

That story somehow carried me throughthe practice. I pictured this wrestler who was built like a rock and who was probably throwing everyone aroundand dominating them with his raw strength.

Finally, when I started my own backyard stone training, I always remember the story of Heimi every time I pick up a heavy stone!

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Until the next time,

stay tough!

Dedicated to your success,


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