Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Passion, The Man, The Viking!

What do you do when you're layed up in bed with a brutal virus that leaves you without food over 24 hrs and running to the bathroom every hour?

Of course, you read, and read a lot...

Reading trains the mind in many ways, but for certain it enhances the mind and body balance which must be in allignment if you are to become your best. A one sided man will burn out eventually....

I suggest reading a minimum of 20 minutes every day. I prefer reading before bed to relax me and help me fall asleep with great thoughts on my mind, nothing else will suffice.

The other thing you can do when layed up, if you're lucky, is to catch reruns of The World's Strongest Man Contest, which always reminds me of catching the contest on TV as a young kid, and being amazed by Jon Pall Sigmarsonn.

See what I mean below...

Look at the passion, energy and undying belief in himself...

Imagine what YOU could do if you had this attitude!



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