Monday, January 29, 2007

A Day with "The Natural", Randy Couture!

I'm psyched beyond belief right now.

I don't see myself sleepingmuch tonight as I'll be too excited!

To say I am excited just won't cut it!


Let me rephrase that! I am bouncing off The walls right now because it has been Solidified that I will be presenting alongsideUFC Heavyweight and Light heavyweight Champion, Randy “The Natural” Couture!

I will also be along side a mentor and friend of mine, Steve Cotter. This will all take place at The Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio!

Randy will be discussing his MMA preparationMethods and Steve and I will be spilling the beans On how we prep others for combat using our various Methods which always bring about serious results!

The latest masterpiece I have put together for combat Athletes and serious strength athletes is The Ultimate Underground Strength Kit – trust me, you want to see This amazing series of manuals, audio interviews and One killer DVD.

This is your bible for getting serious results faster than Anything else you’ve ever experienced.
I’ve test driven this stuff for years on end and the results Have always proven themselves over and over and over again!

We recently had our wrestlers here today…

* Three wrestlers are undefeated

* Chris Orzechowski just won the county tournament

* Tommy Hogan took 2nd place in the county

* Jim Beshada just won his match in theNJ All Star Clash!

* TJ Mitchell and Jimmy are undefeated with over 20 wins

* TJ Mitchell just broke the school record for most career wins

* Charlie Frankel has over 20 wins with only 2 losses

When you see the testimonials people Have written about The Ultimate Underground Strength Kit you will also see why you should Get your hands on this bad boy as well!

If you’re at The Arnold I’ll be roaring and Ready to unleash as much training information As you want plus I’ll be learning from the the best and most highly regarded MMA Fighter in the world, Randy “TheNatural” Couture!

Dedicated to your success,


PS – This is a must have for all combatAthletes!


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