Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thanks from someone, but I thank YOU

I started creating my business (in my mind at least) when I was laying in the hospital bed after my ACL repair.

The bottom line was to help other wrestlers avoid my mistakes.

This passion grew and so did my business, and now I not only help wrestlers, but all combat athletes and serious strength fanatics :)

Here's a great "Thank You" I got from Dan Powell of Pa. - he has been training his nephew for high school wrestling using our Underground Methods with Great success!

If you know wrestling, Pa. has some of the best wrestling in the United States, not just for high school, but at the collegiate level as well.

Here is the thanks I received, but, in essence, my thanks goes to all of you who read my information and support my methods.

It's not about me, it's all about YOU :)

Here's what Dan had to say and I am so very grateful for these words:

Hi Zach

A few weeks ago in early November I was relaxing late in the eveningreading my email, specifically " " about discovering the worlds most lethal underground training secrets.

I can't tell you how excited and pumped I was to read my testimonial and see the pictures I sent you of my nephew Eric on your Web site.

I was showered and ready to hit the sack for the night until I read that and I actually was so fired up that I went down my basement and worked out!

As I told you this summer- I started training Eric in July using your philosophy and awesome training methods. He stuck with it all summer and fall and we continue to train now even though wrestling practice takes much of his time.

He made unbelievable strength gains especiallyhis leg strength over the past 5 months.He had his first tournament of the season on Saturday I couldn't wait to see how this hard work of strength training would help him -and I knew it would!!

He weighed in at 119lbs. but his coach bumped him up to 125 lbs.

Zach -- it was awesome-- He went 4-1-- he completely dominated his first 4 opponents - shooting in and lifting them (as if they were that sandbag we've been beating the heck out of for 5 months) and turning them to their back and finishing them with incredible power and control.

He had 4 1st period pins and lost oneclose one . He's just a sophomore and most if not all 5 opponents weregood seniors. The kid he lost to took 4th last year at N. East PA Regional's but I believe Eric would win if they meet again even though Eric is a weight class below him.

So I wanted to say THANKS ZACH- Your methods really do work!!!!

I'm "Paying it Forward"! - brother

Dan Powell / Pa.


"Pay it forward" - my good friend and mentor, Alwyn Cosgrove emphasized this to me from day 1. If you can help others, then please take a moment and pay it forward!

There's enough slices of Pie for everyone :)

Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even - Esh

PS - Our members at USC are getting a FREE teleseminar Tuesday, all about creating / designing ass kicking programs to develop superior strength, power, speed and conditioning! Hope to hear you on the call Tuesday night!


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