Friday, December 08, 2006

Start Moving like an animal

I just interviewed Jon Hinds for MMA Experts and we spoke hevaily on his natural training methods. It got us into chatting about an OLD video I have of Rickson Gracie when he was very young.

The tape is poor quality at best, but I can still make out a lot of cool training he does.

Rickson's warm up is pretty strange at first as I watch him moving around like a Monkey. Now, it all makes sense to me!

The various rolls, the free arm movements, the crawling and walking on hands and feet.....

He trained LIKE an animal and he performed and dominated like one as well!

This animalistic training is what I use while at the wrestling clubs - we NEVER have any gym equipment so we move like wild animals. Movement is the key when performing these movements.....

walking push ups, alligator crawls, bear crawls, hand walking, wheel barrow's amazingly powerful stuff. You can even use the combat partner drills we use in The Underground Strength kit.

This is why you'll often find me training outdoors, using picnic tables, poles for climbing, tree logs and more. The freedom allows me to move and experiment without restriction...

picnic tables - hand walking with feet on bench, going all the way around the table!

poles of swings sets - climb up the pole, perform some pull ups and leg raises, climb back down

tree logs - carrying, squats, lunges, shoulder squats and lunges

Train like an animal and soon your possibillities become endless!

Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even - Esh

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