Sunday, November 05, 2006

You can make success a habit by....

Zach Tivald

Jimmy Cooper

Brian Pascal
I’m pretty excited right now, because I can feel really good about all the work The Football Wrecking crew has put forth since the new year ( a few started last December ).

The Edison High Football team was on a 4 year losing streak and they broke that streak finally, last Friday, and the majority of our guys were there to help bring that win.
Check out the story here and you’ll see them mentioning Brian Pascal, Zach Tivald and Jimmy Cooper. It’s great now that the Seniors can graduate high school with a win before they move on to the college level!

Read the full story by clicking on this link:


Speaking of winning, one of the things I spoke about with these guys last week was the question of why the team wasn’t winning.

We spoke about teams or people who form the habit of winning, the habit of success – what happens is that eventually, you don’t do anything BUT achieve success and continue “winning”. It’s a habit, just like any other habit such as brushing before bed or washing your hands after using the bathroom. Winning and success can also become habits!

I speak about critical methods for increasing your success in life and sport big time at

Like anything, success is also a mind set, winning is a mind set – it’s almost an internal game. Only you know if you gave your best. The other commonality is that successful people attract one another and hang out with one another.

This is why you must always place yourself in an environment that breeds success. It becomes very difficult when you are the only motivated individual or one of few motivated individuals.

This is why we take on clients via referral or invitation only. You can’t create an environment of success and intensity when only some of the individuals are hungry, and the others were pressured into becoming a success because Mommy and Daddy forced them to pursue a sport or training for that sport.

It is you and only you, every bit of it YOU…..


*** Training for Success ***

This should occur daily, whether it be physical or mental, some form of training should be daily. The physical aspect of training always requires a mental aspect.

I remember to this very day seeing guys smoking pot, dogging it in practice and STILL being WAY more successful than the hardest working guys. Why did this happen?

Because they believed they were a success….

Performance is highly psychological. Coupled with hard and smart training, GREAT things can happen, GREAT things!

What GREAT things will you accomplish this year? You’re going to need the right tools, and you know where to go:


In strength,


PS – Wait till you hear the audio interviews with Joe DeFranco, Smitty from The Diesel Crew, Coach Ethan Reeve and Jim Wendler! They unleash so many freakin’ methods that guarantee to skyrocket your performance it’s not even funny!

PPS – Don’t forget to pass it on to your friends!

PPPS – I’m not talking about waiting either, procrastinators are not found amongst the highly successful, but.....
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