Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Underground Video and New Article!

OK, so you want to see more Underground training?

Enjoy our latest highlight video, some intense work happening here, so make sure you read all about this style of training with our latest article RIGHT HERE.

Here's the Underground Video...

here are some results from our combat athletes....

Last weekend TJ Mithcell, Jim Beshada and Charles Frankel went to Lock Haven, Pa. for a BEAST of a tournament!

We're talking about athletes traveling from Ohio and Pa. to bang heads with the best of the best.

Jim Beshada and Charles Frankel placed 5th. Want to know the great thing behind this? Charles is coming off of some serious injuries and fought hard to go 2 - 2.

Jim Beshada was in a bracket with wrestlers ranked as high as 3rd in the USA, not the state, THE USA!! Jim had 3 overtime matches and won them all! Jim had to wrestle 7 matches in one day! Underground training helped him win those OT matches for sure!

It's not the hard training that works, it's the smart training that REALLY gets the job done!

TJ Mitchell - this kid is ALL ACTION, very little talk. TJ has been coming here for well over a year and barely talks. He prefers to stay busy pushing the limits.

TJ Mitchell WON the tournament, beating a NJ State runner up! TJ didn't place in the states last year, but over the summer he also beat a 3rd place Pa. state placer! Did I tell you this kid is on a mission!!

I'm glad I never had to go against kids who get this training under their belts! ha ha

Then, after only 2 months of training here, Tommy Ross went to the Iron Horse tournament and placed 2nd! Tom either tech falled (beat by 15 points) or pinned his guys up until the finals! This is after 2 months of training! What's going to happen after 6 months?!?!


Don't be fooled. This style of training in the video and article are applicable to all levels of combative athletes, not just young athletes.

This MUST be built up to though! Your physical preparation must gradually improve and eventually you will be ready.

More coming soon.....

Keep it real till the next time!



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