Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reignite Your Passion!

If there is one tool that I love to use regularly with my combat athletes it is definitely the sled. I can do away with the free weights, kettlebells, etc. – but don’t make me get rid of my sled!

The endless movements and benefits that come through the use of a sled is downright awesome! Martin Rooney used (and still uses) the sled extensively when he was training Ricardo Almeida for the Abu Dhabi World Championships. It helped him win during a 45 minute overtime grappling match!

How many of you can roll for 45 minutes? What about 30 minutes? Ricardo went for overtime of 45 minutes! What a beast!

You can get a FREE copy of ‘The Underground Guide to Sled Training’ when you purchase The Ultimate Underground Training Kit! There are 4 more bonuses which come with this awesome product, one of my favorites is the interview with Coach Ethan Reeve!

Coach Reeve speaks in detail of how he trained to win states in Ohio, how he trained to become a two time D 1 All American and a 4 time SEC Champ! He digs deeper and tells exactly how he trained his wrestler when he was a D 1 Wrestling Coach in Tennessee! These ideas and methods are awesome and you HAVE to hear what he says regardless as to whether or not you’re a combat athlete!

Go to NOW! You can’t afford to miss out on this unbelievable information!


Have you been to the local hardware store lately?

Go through the rope and chain aisle and see if you can come up with something that will allow you to take your training up another notch!

Here’s a few hints for you:

Sandbags or Cement Bags
Cinder blocks
Thick Rope
Heavy Chains

Now, the answers can be found at – YES, I want you to get your hands on this information, it’s too freakin’ powerful and effective for you to NOT have it!

Here’s an idea though, for those of you still skeptical:

Get 10 feet of the thickest rope they have. Take it to the playground with you and sling it over the monkey bars and try a few all out sets of the following:

pull ups
recline rows
contracted pull ups with leg raises
dumbbell rows (wrap rope around handle and grab rope)
farmer walks with any implement (loop or wrap rope around handle of implement)


At The Ryan Lee Boot Camp I had people coming up to me telling me how Underground training has reignited their passion for training again! Others said they finally became connected and in tune with a training method AND they were having a blast while training!

I’m all about having FUN no matter what I do. One thing we all know though, is that when you are having fun doing something, you are much more likely to perform this activity on a regular basis!

Until the next time,

Keep it real!


PS – How about NOW would be a good time to take the next step and get your hands on the training methods that can change your life forever. Go to now.

PPS – It’s time for me to go and train now! I’m dying to get some fresh air and train at an empty playground and park! All I need is a picnic table, monkey bars and the stones I will find on the ground. Soon you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about!

PPPS – Take a moment and let your friends know about us. Please send this their way so they can get their FREE E Book at


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